A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Greetings from Mr. Brad Oliver ‘77, the Chair of Research Associates,


Greetings to all members, graduates and friends of PLNU Research Associates.   I am excited to be the chair of Research Associates for the next two years. 


Research Associates continues to aid the science departments of PLNU. We support the great research endeavors turned out each year by the students and faculty of this university. I continue to be amazed at the work that is produced at “our” University. We can be proud that we are all a part of PLNU. I have come in contact with graduate students in their masters and doctorate programs who are envious of the work that is being done by our undergraduate students. They wish they had had that kind of early training that Point Loma students receive.
     Raising funds for a new science building is at the head of the list for the university’s next new building project. At the last Research Associates board meeting, we were told that the preliminary plans that were made several years ago may already be out of date. This is because the biology and chemistry science departments have grown so much.     I think this is a wonderful problem, and goes to show the strides that this University has taken to produce top grade programs in biology, chemistry, math, and computer science. We might need to redraw plans. WE NEED MORE ROOM.
      Each meeting the Research Associates Board has had about the science building has several repeating points.
1. Where can we find a single large donor, either an individual or institutional?
2. How many science donors will we have?
3. Can we get non science alumni to help?


Point #1 is being coordinated by Joe Watkins and his staff in University Development. They are looking for that large donor.
Point #2:   I would like for all Research Associate members and science graduates to consider sending at least ten dollars towards a new science building. For some of you this would be your only donation, and that would be great.
Point #3:   We would like to have all PLNU alumni and friends take part in getting a new science building.    All university students would benefit, because they all need science classes to complete their GE requirements.
I would like to have hundreds of donors on our list so that all would know we are behind building a new science building.
In a perfect world we would all give regularly towards a new building and Research Associates.  That doesn’t happen.  I have bills, and sending a large amount at one time would be hard.   But, I am thankful for what PLNU did for me, and I believe in PLNU. I would like to pledge NOW, $5000 this year towards the new science building as well as continuing to support Research Associates.   I hope you will join me.

Brad Oliver