Katherine N. Maloney

Katherine N. Maloney

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Phone: 619.849.3425


  • B.S., Chemistry, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Cornell University
  • Cancer Therapeutic Training Postdoctoral Fellowship




Cancer Therapeutics Training Postdoctoral Fellowship, Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UCSD (with Dr. William Fenical)


Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University (with Dr. Jon Clardy)



B.S. in Chemistry, summa cum laude, Pacific Lutheran University (with Dr. Duane Swank)



Biologically active natural products from plants and their endophytes



Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Point Loma Nazarene University


Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College


American Chemical Society


American Chemical Society (Division of Organic Chemistry Executive Committee)


Council on Undergraduate Research

Honors and Fellowships


Cancer Therapeutics Training Fellowship, UCSD Moores Cancer Center


Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University

2006, 2005

American Chemical Society Travel Award


American Society of Pharmacognosy Lynn Brady Travel Award


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship


Herman & Margaret Sokol Fellowship


Cornell University Graduate Fellowship


American Institute of Chemists Award (top chemistry senior)


NSF REU Fellowship, University of Washington


Barry Goldwater Scholarship


Olsen Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, PLU Department of Chemistry


Robert C. Byrd Scholarship


PLU Academic Scholarship




Research in the Maloney lab focuses on the small organic molecules (natural products) produced by some organisms to facilitate their interactions with other organisms. In one project, we are growing plant-associated fungi on a variety of different media and characterizing the antibiotic natural products that are selectively produced in some media but not others. In another project, we are exploring the use of natural product profiles to complement molecular (DNA) phylogenetic analyses in studies of the evolutionary relationships among soft corals.


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