Pre-Health Advisor

Sara Yu Choung
Rohr Science 305A

Pre-Health Advising Facebook Page

Since 2004, over 90 percent of PLNU students who have applied for admission to medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, and veterinary schools have been admitted.  The national average for admission into these health professions schools during this same period is much lower.  PLNU is very proud of the success of its students.  Our pre-health program includes things such as pre-health course requirements, speaker series throughout the academic year, one-on-one advising meetings with the pre-health advisor, sophomore and junior interviews, references for volunteer/shadowing/research/internship opportunities, suggested reading/books, review of application materials, committee letter of evaluation, etc.  The rigor of the courses, the different components of the pre-health program, together with the amount of personal attention that students receive from faculty is the basis of our student's success.

Like most colleges and universities, PLNU does not have a major that is called the pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, or pre-veterinary major.  Students choose to major in a specific discipline while completing the course requirements for the health professions schools they plan to attend.  In general, pre-health students at PLNU major in either biology, chemistry, or both (biology-chemistry joint major).  The majority of pre-health students choose the joint biology-chemistry major.

Current PLNU students interested in being added to the pre-health list can email Dr. Sara Choung at