Chemistry Major

Studies in the Department of Chemistry are designed to meet the needs of the following groups of students:

  • Those preparing for entrance into graduate schools for work in chemistry or related fields.
  • Those preparing to enter the field of industrial chemistry immediately after graduation.
  • Those taking pre-professional work in which chemistry is a requirement.
  • Those preparing to teach chemistry or physical science. Students desiring to become secondary science teachers should take Education 300, 302, and 303 in their junior and senior years.
  • Those who desire to obtain a general knowledge of chemistry and its relation to modern society.

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Biology-Chemistry Joint Major

The interdepartmental major in biology-chemistry has been designed for those students whose academic needs and interests lie in both biology and chemistry. The major was instituted because a large segment of contemporary scientific interest can best be served by such a major. Areas well served by this preparation include medicine, dentistry, and several graduate disciplines, including biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology.

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