Department of Communication & Theatre

Thinking about an internship???

Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Question 1: What types of internships are acceptable?

  • Internships in our department are as varied as the interests of our majors. If you are an MOCM or COM major, for example, your internship might involve management, PR, human resources, corporate communication, or event planning. If you are a MEDIA major your internship might involve TV, film, radio production, writing, or media promotions.
  • Your internship should relate to some vocation or company you think you might be interested in once you graduate. You’d be amazed at how many MOCM and COM majors have been offered full-time positions at their internship site on the basis of their internship experiences!
  • Remember, all internship offers or opportunities MUST be approved by Dr. Melissa Newman, the department internship advisor (your part-time job at Jamba Juice or Carl’s Jr. is NOT an acceptable internship experience).
    Dr. Newman can be reached by phone at 619-849-2561, by email at:
  •, or in her office at Cabrillo Hall room 204.

Question 2: How do I secure an internship?

  • First, most organizations assume interns will be upper-class students. We agree and that’s why JR or SR status is a prerequisite for COM421.
  • Second, treat securing an internship the same as you would for finding a job. Prepare a resume and hone your interview skills.
  • Lastly, follow up on any leads you have from personal contacts or friends, check the bulletin board on back stairwell in Cabrillo Hall, or spend some time on the Job Board on the Career Center's web site.
  • Remember, we live in the 8th largest city in the nation – the internships are there if you look for them!

Question 3: What are the requirements for getting academic credit for an internship?

  • You must register and pay for COM 421 in the semester in which you carry out your intern responsibilities. COM 421 is offered in the FALL, SPRING, SUMMER I, and SUMMER II sessions.
  • Many summer internships are done “back home” which is perfectly acceptable and regardless of whether you are registered for summer session I or II, you actually have all summer to complete the requirements.
  • COM 421 Internship is always a 3-unit course-- you cannot get credit for only 1 or 2 units.
  • You are allowed to do TWO internships for credit toward your degree.
  • You must complete a minimum of 120 documented hours at the internship site (this does NOT include travel time) and complete all course requirements as shown on CANVAS.

Question 4: How are internships graded?

  • COM 421 is graded CREDIT or NO CREDIT- there is no letter grade.
  • You will receive a final grade of “NO CREDIT” if you (1) do not complete at least 120 hours at the internship site, or (2) fail to complete all course requirements, or (3) receive a performance evaluation of “Unsatisfactory” from your site supervisor.
  • No IN (Incomplete) or IP (In Progress) grades will be given for COM 421. NO CREDIT grades can be changed to CREDIT if you complete what is missing by the end of the next semester.