Department of Communication & Theatre Scholarship Information

Every spring the department will accept applications from all the departmental majors for scholarship funds. These scholarships will be based on need, contribution to the department, and academic record. Scholarship funds are awarded for the following academic year.

All department majors that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply.

  1. Students must be a departmental major in good academic standing when applying for scholarship funds.
  2. Students must remain a departmental major for the full year in which they are awarded the scholarship.
  3. Incoming transfer students and incoming freshmen are NOT eligible to apply for scholarship funds. Transfer students and freshmen are eligible to apply for the following year after their first year within the department.

When: Applications will be due by 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, 2017! Please turn in all applications to the department assistant in Cabrillo Hall 206. The entire department will make the decisions collectively for each recipient.

When you open the Scholarship Application below you simply need to click on the gray box and begin typing right in the document. Please type all information, print the application, sign it, and return it to the department assistant.

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 Communication & Theatre Department
Click here to download the
scholarship application.

Speech & Debate
For scholarship information please contact Dr. Skip Rutledge
at 619-849-2391

 Theatre Minor
Scholarships available for students currently enrolled in the Minor. For more information please contact our office at 619-849-2605 or Megan DeBoard at