Alumni: Friends of Forensics


Founded in 1998 by Professor Skip Rutledge, Friends of Forensics is the name for alumni and other parties interested in supporting the continuing education that occurs through forensics competition.

The organization gained official university approval in the fall of 1999 and has continued to grow in size and scope of mission. This group has undertaken an ambitious goal of raising funds for an endowed scholarship fund, enabling current students to defray the cost of private education. If you wish to be involved with Friends of Forensics, please contact Skip Rutledge ( and become part of an organization that makes a difference!

A Note from Your President

Three national championships in five years...sounds impossible doesn't it? But that's just what Point Loma's Debate teams have done to bring pride and glory to our spectacular campus on the Pacific Ocean. What's more, our kids have made Point Loma the "place to visit" when we host perhaps the largest intercollegiate invitational speech and debate tournament in the country, the Sunset Cliffs Classic, and we actually get other debaters from across the country who immediately want to transfer. (Of course!) We have also hosted the National Championships for various collegiate and high school forensics organizations, such as the National Parliamentary Debate Association NPDA (1999), the Christian Home school Forensics League called NCFCA (2000, 2005) and Christian College Nationals, or NCCFI (2004). In addition, our students excel in numerous other speaking events and make Point Loma one of the top universities in the field.....period!!!!

Friends of Forensics is a support group that assists in various ways (like helping to judge speech contests) to make the job of Skip Rutledge, number one coach, just a little easier. Then too, we help provide financial assistance. Case in point, our support of the James and Alice Jackson Speech Endowed Scholarship in cooperation with the Class of 1960 has raised more than $40,000 in the last five years!!!! If you would like to be a part of this exciting endeavor or just simply want to honor the Jacksons because of the great contributions they have made in your life, contact Skip Rutledge at (619) 849-2391 or Karmyn Garcia of Donor Relations at (619) 849-2513 for more information. If you wish to give on line, simply go here. Thanks for your generous support.

Dr. Ed Potter
President, Friends of Forensics Auxiliary
Class of 1960

A Note from the Director


I just wanted to thank each of you involved with this Friends of Forensics Alumni Auxiliary. Through the years we have received so much help in so many different areas from our alumni and friends. This support has taken the form of generous financial contributions to two important funds (the Friends of Forensics Account that allows us to supplement our annual operating budget provided by the University, and the Jackson endowed Speech Scholarship which help students to attend our school and compete for the team). But equally if not more important is the support provided by alumni and friends that help to coach the teams in practices, to lecture to the group as Forensics Fellows lecturers, to judge for us at tournaments on weekends they may have open and of course through much appreciated prayer support.

We have been extremely fortunate in past years to be able to touch lives and empower students through imparting the unique skills provided through forensics training. We have also been fortunate enough to meet with a certain amount of success in a very competitive intercollegiate field of the top colleges and universities in the country. None of this would be possible without your generous support and sustained commitment to assisting this worthwhile program.

Having been with this speech team since 1989 it has been my pleasure to direct, coach and or teach many fine people through the decades and to meet many other members of past teams. We have had many fine coaches associated with this program through the years. You need to know that as educators, we do not stop caring for you once you graduate. We continue to count you as friends and to share in your many triumphs and sorrow with your losses long after you move on from here. One of the reasons this group was founded was to try to have a place where past graduates could come together literally and figuratively and keep in touch with one another. I appreciate hearing from each of you, and pass along what I learn to your friends and other team mates. It is my hope that we will one day be able to accomplish that in a more tangible way, through more than just the occasional e-mails from me to those for whom I have e-mail addresses.

Perhaps we could set up an interactive bulletin board type auxiliary home page, have annual banquets for members able to gather in San Diego where you can meet the current team and perhaps hear how they are doing up close and personal, share past photographs from former teams, etc. . . I have started some of this, but with my busy travel and coaching schedule am unable to keep up with most of the necessary details. If you would like to help in such an area, please let Ed Potter or me know. I have started a photo archive for the teams from the past few years, but would love to expand that with more photos with captions that identify the speakers/students, and eventually want to paint in past years as well.

If you wish to belong to this group and you are not currently on our e-mail mailing list, the first thing you can do is to send me an e-mail at so that I can add you to our e-mail list. In your e-mail let me know your affiliation with the team, approximately which years you were involved, etc., and a home mailing address for announcements of get togethers.  Please also surf around the rest of the speech team's home page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Skip Rutledge

Director of Forensics
Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre
Point Loma Nazarene University
(619) 849-2391