Sunset Cliffs Classic Invitational Tournament Information


Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA  92106


Dear Colleagues:

The Point Loma Nazarene University forensics squad is pleased to invite you to our annual SUNSET CLIFFS CLASSIC Invitational forensics tournament.  The tournament will be held February 8-9, 2014.  We hope you can come enjoy our beautiful seaside campus and the typically sunny weather.   

We will offer open and novice division competition in all eleven AFA individual events (possibly collapsing some events should numbers so dictate) and six rounds of Junior and Senior divisions of Parliamentary Debate, and junior and senior divisions of NFA LD debate. 

This year we are excited to offer a division of British Parliamentary Debate, should you wish to enjoy this event of growing international popularity.  We hope that it will attract not only some of the well-established BP programs, but also other schools that have been wanting to experiment with this newer format to our region.  This event might open a world of travel and debate opportunity for your programs.  Due to longer scheduled number of and time of rounds though, students and judges in BP debate may not be involved in other forms of debate or individual events at the Sunset Cliffs.

The large number of colleges and universities that typically attend the Sunset Cliffs Classic also provides an excellent draw for both Individual Events and debate competitors interested in warming up or testing their mettle for Nationals.  NPDA, NPTE, NCCFI and AFA Nationals are all in driving distance to San Diego this year, so we expect some terrific competition from programs visiting the region to add to the strength typically provided by the regional programs.

We have heard that Southwestern College will not be hosting their traditional IE Swing in Chula Vista this year.  San Diego State University though may be planning on offering this swing in 2015 should there be sufficient interest.

Assuming the President’s State of the Address speech is again offered prior to the tournament we will continue to draw Parliamentary debate topics from the address for both the Sunset Cliffs and the Round Robin.  Coaches and students are invited to submit recommended topics for our consideration.

Some noteworthy attractions of the Sunset Cliffs Classic include:

Strong competition with diverse regional representation and quality judging.

A picturesque ocean front campus.

Two $3,000.00 scholarships for the top community college competitors (one each for  debate & IE’s) for tuition at PLNU for students that gain admission to and who will compete in forensics for PLNU for the subsequent academic year.

A Sunday morning chapel for all interested coaches, judges, and/or students.

Saturday’s schedule is set up to allow those who do debate only to enjoy a break after round three for lunch, and those who do IEs only do not need to be there until the early afternoon so they can sleep in prior to arriving on campus. We hope you will join us on our beautiful campus for an exciting weekend of sand, surf, and speeches.  


Dr. Skip Rutledge, Director of Forensics                        Prof. Melissa Lazaro, ADOF                                    

(619) 849-2391                                                                         (619) 849.2585


2014 Sunset Cliffs Classic - Schedule of Events



SATURDAY, February 8th

7:15-8:00 DEBATE AND I.E. REGISTRATION – Cabrillo 101

8:00 Topic Announce: Round One (Crill Performance Hall)

8:20-9:05 Round One: NPDA Debate (random matched)

9:20 Topic Announce: Round Two (Crill Performance Hall)

9:40-10:25 Round Two: NPDA Debate (random matched)

10:40 Topic Announce: Round Three (Crill Performance Hall)

11:00-11:45 Round Three: NPDA Debate (lagged hi-lo)

11:30-1:00 LUNCH BREAK – On your own, purchase options on campus

12:30 Extemp Prep

12:45-2:00 Round One: Pattern A (EXT, INF, ADS, PRO, POE)

Round One: NFA L/D Debate (random matched)

2:10 Topic Announce: Round Four (Crill Performance Hall)

2:30-3:15 Round Four: NPDA Debate (hi-lo power match)

3:30 Extemp Prep

3:45-5:00 Round Two: Pattern A (EXT, INF, ADS, PRO, POE)

Round Two: NFA L/D Debate (hi-lo power match)

5:10 Topic Announce: Round Five (Crill Performance Hall)

5:30-6:15 Round Five: NPDA Debate (hi-lo power match)

6:30-7:45 Round One: Pattern B (IMP, PER, CA, DRA, POI, DUO)

Round Three: NFA L/D Debate (hi-lo power match)

7:55 Topic Announce: Round Six (Crill Performance Hall)

8:15-9:00 Round Six: NPDA Debate (hi-lo power match)

ASAP POST PATTERN A & DEBATE BREAKS (at Tournament Hotels also)


SUNDAY, February 9th

8:00-8:30 TOURNAMENT CHAPEL – Crill Performance Hall

8:40 Topic Announce: Double Octofinals

9:00-9:45 Double Octofinals: NPDA Debate

10:00-11:15 Round Two: Pattern B (IMP, PER, CA, DRA, POI, DUO)

Round Four: NFA L/D Debate (hi-lo power match)

11:25 Topic Announce: Octofinals

11:45-12:30 Octofinals: NPDA Debate

12:45 Extemp Prep

1:00-2:15 Finals: Pattern A and ALL IE Semifinals

Quarterfinals: NFA L/D Debate

2:25 Topic Announce: Quarterfinals

3:45-3:30 Quarterfinals: NPDA Debate

3:45 Extemp Prep

4:00-5:15 Finals: Pattern B and remaining A Finals

Semifinals: NFA L/D Debate

5:25 Topic Announce: Semifinals

5:45-6:30 Semifinals: NPDA Debate (& finals of LD if possible)

6:30 or ASAP AWARDS CEREMONY – Crill Performance Hall

ASAP Finals: NPDA Debate

ASAP Finals of NFA LD (as needed)


2014 Sunset Cliffs Classic 

British Parliamentary Debate Schedule 



Saturday,   February 8th, 2014

8:30 Round One Topic Announcement 

8:50 Begin Speaking

10:00 Judge Deliberation

10:20 Ballots due back to judges table


10:30 Round Two Topic Announcement

10:50 Begin Speaking

12:00 Judge Deliberation

12:20 Ballots due back to judges table

12:30 – 1:20 Lunch

1:30 Round Three Topic Announcement

1:50 Begin Speaking

3:00 Judge Deliberation

3:20 Ballots due back to judges table


3:30 Round Four Topic Announcement

3:50 Begin Speaking

5:00 Judge Deliberation

5:20 Ballots due back to judges table


5:30 Round Five Topic Announcement

5:50 Begin Speaking

7:00 Judge Deliberation

7:20 Ballots due back to judges table

Go Home!

Sunday – February 9, 2014

9:00 Round Six Topic Announcement

9:20 Begin Speaking

10:30 Judge Deliberation

10:50 Ballots due back to judges table


11:00 Round Seven Topic Announcement

11:20 Begin Speaking

12:30 Judge Deliberation

12:50 Ballots due back to judges table


12:50 – 1:30 Lunch Break


1:30 Round Eight Topic Announcement

1:50 Begin Speaking

3:00 Judge Deliberation

3:20 Ballots due back to judges table


3:50 Final Round Topic Announcement

4:10 Begin Speaking

5:20 Judge Deliberation

5:45 Ballots due back to judges table




2014 Sunset Cliffs Classic



Any regularly enrolled undergraduate in a recognized two-year or four-year college program carrying 6 or more units is eligible to participate.  Any contestant may enter up to 2 IEs per pattern OR Lincoln-Douglas debate and one division of NPDA debate 



AFA, NFA, and NPDA regulations will govern their respective divisions, unless specified elsewhere in this invitation or deemed necessary by Tournament Director in unique situations. Procedures described in this invitation will prevail over NPDA, NFA, or AFA rules if conflicts exist. Please note that our divisional qualifications may be more restrictive than AFA, NFA, or NPDA.  In debate, we will allow hybrid teams and three person teams to compete if necessary to allow more students to participate.  No individual may debate without a partner except in LD.



While we would like to encourage early entries, all entries must arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 3, 2014. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not have numerous changes beyond the deadline. Please double-check the web registration list before you come! We will not add entries after Monday.  Schools still owing fees from previous years must satisfy these debts before being accepted for this year’s tournament.

Web Page: you may enter the Sunset Cliffs Classic through  

E-Mail Address:  (for special situations or questions for Skip, not for registration)



Divisions - There will be two divisions of NPDA Parliamentary Debate: Junior and Senior.  Junior debaters may have up to 4 semesters of college debate and should not have advanced to more than three elimination rounds in Junior or Senior competition.  Any debater that has advanced to the elimination rounds at NPDA, NPTE, NDT, Phi Rho Pi or CEDA Nationals is considered to be a Senior Division debater, regardless of the other partner’s experience. Senior debaters are limited to students with 10 or fewer semesters of collegiate competition and who still maintain NPDA eligibility.  Divisional eligibility is determined based upon the most experienced partner. A semester means the student has competed in three or more college tournaments of any style of debate. PLNU students may compete.


Constraints - Although we strongly discourage judge strikes at a pedagogical level, we also recognize that in certain exceptional circumstances there may be extreme personal disagreements or long standing conflicts or perhaps even perceived personal animosity within such a community.  As such, each school will be allowed, if they feel they really must, to lodge up to three unexplained constraints for their school from a particular judge (not 3 per team) wherein we will attempt to keep a particular judge from hearing your Senior debate teams if you advise us of these constraints through the Contact the Tournament tab on the web registration program by Wednesday at noon PST.  No additional constraints will be added later even if new judges need to be added later.  

Other legitimate constraints for cause can of course always be brought to our attention, as they have every year.  So please constrain your judges from listening to teams or debaters they have recently coached, dated, or been team mates or roommates with recently.  Likewise if your debater has a situation we should know about, or your significant other coaches another team and it might have the appearance of bias, let us know that as well.



Disclosure: For time management reasons, oral critiques immediately following the debates, if provided, may not exceed 5 minutes.  Ballots must then be returned immediately. Please help us keep on schedule. Delays attributed to coach/judges may at the tournament director’s discretion result in penalties to that school’s team(s), including automatic losses or removal from the tournament.  The tournament will offer warm room disclosure in accordance with NPDA nationals practice as a further check of tab room accuracy.  


Preparation Time: Topics will be announced at Cabrillo Hall. We allow 20-minutes for preparation and travel time to the competition room. Pre-written materials may be used in preparation but not consulted in the debates.  Whatever notes are consulted in the debate itself must have been written only by the debate’s actual competitors either during the preparation period, or during the round itself.  A written set of current NPDA rules may be referenced in round as at Nationals. While coaching is not banned, it can only occur once the coach has secured their ballot for that round and may not result in a delay of the commencement of the round.  Judges must start their rounds on time.


Forfeiture: A 5-minute forfeit rule will be enforced.  If either partner is more than 5 minutes late (even due to participating in IEs) the critic is asked to forfeit that team immediately and so notify the tabulation room.  Participants or their representatives are all responsible to be present for timely topic announcements.  Failure to be there on time will not result in longer preparation time.  Lateness due to IE or LD participation is a risk you take by entering or double entering in IEs or NFA LD.  


Preparation Rooms: Government teams have no preferred access rights to the use of their assigned room during the preparation period, though prepping teams must allow them access during the last five minutes of the preparation period to set up.  Likewise, judges should not enter until five minutes prior to prep time elapsing. Additionally, each team is responsible for maintaining clean rooms at all times, as these same rooms are used for IE competition.  Teams may be charged a steep cleaning fee if rooms are left dirty.


Judges and Ballots: Judge changes from pushed ballots will be announced when possible, but in order to keep to schedule, it may be necessary to move ballots after prep time has started negating chances to notify effected parties.  We hate this practice, but hate late delays more. Judges please pick up ballots in a timely manner, or your teams may be penalized or removed from competition.  In fairness to teams who are encouraged to read your judging philosophies on line at, we wish to minimize pushed ballots.  Such ballot pushes delay an already long day.



We will within limits attempt to honor what we know of to be the WUDC debate community standards for this section of British Parliamentary Debate, though forgive our ignorance on some of the nuances that differ drastically from those formats of debate with which we are more familiar.  


Here is a link provided by Dr. Robert Trapp to a chapter that will more fully explain the activity:


And I have attached to the end of this invitation a document provided from Dr. Gary Rybold prepared by Ian Lising, Steve Johnson and others on how to adjudicate BP debate.  I hope these documents are helpful to those of you learning about this activity.  Don’t be intimidated by the length, it is actually very intuitive and easy to enjoy for even the freshest of beginners.

In short though from what I have experienced BP debate matches four teams per debate, two in favor of the proposition or resolution and two that oppose it. The teams all work independently of one another (with no group coaching or preparation allowed at all beyond just the two person team itself), and there may even be two or more teams from the same school in the same debate round.  Each debater gets one 7 minute constructive speech as is outlined in the Trapp document.  

There is a twenty minute preparation time prior to the round, following the announcement of the topic for that particular round, but no preparation time between speakers.  After the debaters speak, and all are asked to leave the champers, the judges (typically two or three) then discuss the round and arrive at an order of teams (first through fourth) and an order of speakers (first through eighth).  Unlike other formats of parliamentary debate, it is not a side of the resolution that wins in BP, but instead the teams themselves, and that determination is decided by the judges in consultation with one another to the degree that the schedule allows. The chair of the judge’s panel will serve as tie breaker should there be a deadlock, or tie, or if time runs out they will be responsible for submitting the panel’s collective decision.  The chair may also explain the panel’s findings but should not delay the  tournament by exceeding the allotted time to do so. 

Logistically, participants and judges in this activity may not judge or compete in other activities at the Sunset Cliffs Classic due to the 8 preliminary rounds provided.  This is designed to hopefully give all participating teams an opportunity to be in each of the four positions and sides twice in preliminary rounds, as this reportedly can impact how well a team does from round to round.  We expect to offer one final round of the top 4 teams, following the 8 preliminary rounds.  A student is eligible to compete in this activity as long as they are enrolled in a degree program at the school for which they are competing (though that may be a graduate degree) and I understand that one may be a critic as long as one is at least an undergraduate, even if they have had little or no BP experience.  Frequently the debaters have more experience than some of the judges, and know to adapt accordingly.

We will also attempt to provide some training and documents, as for example those provided in this invitation to help prepare competitors and adjudicators prior to the rounds.


Students may not have competed with the selections in any interscholastic competition prior to September 1, 2013.  PLNU students may compete.  Students may not enter more than two events per pattern.  Due to the layout of the campus and the arrangement of the schedule, no exceptions can be made.  If a student is mistakenly entered in more than two events and we are unable to clarify the error with the coach in a timely manner, we will randomly remove the student from one or more of the remaining events.  In accordance with Phi Rho Pi and PSCFA regulations Duo Interp may include genres other than just drama.

Novice Division I.E.’s

A student who has not won two trophies (1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place) in an event in which a final round occurred. Students competing in an event which is similar; must be eligible for novice in all of those similar events.  (Platform, Interp., Limited Prep).  As an example; a student who must be in Open Division in Prose, must also be open in Poetry, even if they have never competed in Poetry.  Anyone who has won Gold, Silver or Bronze (or the equivalent) at Phi Rho Pi or any other major national tournament (in college or high school) is not a novice in that event or similar events.  

LD debaters may not enter any Individual Events at all, and if they mistakenly enter they will be removed from the individual event(s) by the tournament.  Extempers may double enter in IEs at their own risk, but must compete in both events in the required time frame. We do not revise Extempers’ speaking times to accommodate double entry.  Since we only have two preliminary rounds we will not be averaging scores for missed rounds. The following events will be offered in open and novice divisions of competition:

Pattern A – Extemp, Informative, After Dinner Speaking, Prose, Poetry.

Pattern B –Impromptu, Persuasive, CA, Drama, POI, and Duo Interp.


Computerized Debate or Extemp Files – Debaters or Extemporaneous speakers may use any and all electronic information retrieval systems (that are legal of course) during preparation times. Attempts will be made to provide guest access to the internet through the school’s servers but no assurances of such access can be guaranteed. Access has been good in recent years. This rule may be inconsistent with other governing national forensics organizations, but due to rapidly changing tech advances and the inability to effectively police transgressions of alternative restrictions, we feel this approach is more realistic.  Extempers’ preparation work is still to be their own of course, not coached or helped by friends, coaches or outside sources.


The 2013-2014 topic will be debated.  Please note that NFA L/D is a communication-oriented event, and that a description of the event, topic, and rules may be found on the web at the NFA/LD home page. L/D debaters may NOT compete in any other IE’ s in Pattern A or B.  This will help the tournament run on schedule and contribute to the wellness of those involved in LD. 


The following fees will be assessed at the tournament: 

$30.00 School Fee $10.00 per Individual Events slot (Duo = one slot).

$75.00 per NPDA Team $25.00 per LD Debater

$75.00 per BP team


Commitment - Each Individual Events judge can cover up to five IE slots or portion thereof per pattern, and each debate judge can cover up to two NPDA teams or LD entries.  Judges must be qualified to judge the level of competition at which their school’s competitors are entered.  Judges with any remaining eligibility in a given division are not deemed qualified to judge within that division.  Teams may not strike judges.  Please alert us to all judging constraints with registration, or in a separate E Mail.  We need to know former coaches of your competitors, and competitors or schools which your judges cannot judge.  We ask for a four year separation per NPDA requirements.  If you have both IEs and LD, please let us know what your judges prefer to judge when these two conflict.

BP judges are handled differently than most other events.  Entries must provide at least one judge per school, and beyond that the number of judges can be one less than the number of teams entered by a given program.  All critics are responsible for judging all rounds, including elimination round(s). BP judges may not cover any other events in the tournament due to the time conflicts with BP rounds.  BP debate tradition allows undergraduates to judge that still have eligibility.  We will honor that tradition.

Judging Fees - Uncovered entries will be assessed on the following basis:

$10.00 per uncovered Individual Events slot.

$100.00 per uncovered NPDA debate team, and BP debate team.

$50.00 per uncovered LD spot.  LD judges may need to be assigned IE ballots from larger entry schools to help the pool to cover these events efficiently.

$50.00 per judge drop fee in addition to any uncovered fees for late judge drops, following the tournament entry deadline.  


Notice on Judge Shortage - We REALLY want you to bring your judges, not your money.  We will even try to hire qualified judges that you bring beyond your commitment.  Please alert us to the availability of these additional judges for hire with your entry.  Due to a shortage of debate judges it will be necessary for each school to cover at least your first two teams (with rare exceptions).  We will attempt to find judges to cover additional teams, but we reserve the right to refuse uncovered teams.  We will pay $15.00 per NPDA debate round and $10.00 per individual event round and NFA LD round for judges we hire.  We will need your hired judges W-9s and the payment checks will be sent to hired judges within 30 days, hopefully much sooner.

Reminder - All judges are obligated to fulfill judging requirements.  This means NPDA Parli debate judges are needed until at least Octo-Finals and at least one round beyond their last remaining team’s elimination.  An individual events judge is committed through finals.  Meeting your professional commitment is essential to this tournament.  In the rare instance when a judge cannot attend Sunday for elimination rounds, clear it first through the tournament director. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to topic announcement time for debate and 15 minutes prior to the commencement of IE rounds.  Thank you all.  



Five Sweepstakes Awards will be presented to schools in both two-year and four-year school divisions.  Sweepstakes points will be based on the following formula:

IE: 1st Place = 10 points Finalist = 4 points

2nd Place = 8 points Semifinalist = 2 points

3rd Place = 6 points


LD Double the IE formula above (based on longer speaking time, more rounds, and further restrictions against double entry placed upon LD debaters.

NPDA: -- Each preliminary win = 3 points, (limited to the top four teams per school per division).  Teams earning less than 3 wins in NPDA debate receive no sweepstakes points.

-- 2 additional points for each team advancing to the initial elimination round (regardless of how many teams per division).


BP: Teams will be awarded 2 points for every team preliminary ranking of 1st, and 1 point for every preliminary ranking of 2nd place, with no points being awarded for 3rd and or 4th place rankings in preliminary rounds.  Each team advancing to elimination round(s) will receive an additional 4 points for their schools sweepstakes total. 



Awards for the top five open competitors will be presented for the most aggregate number of sweepstakes points earned by individual events competitors.  The formula used for calculating individual sweepstakes is identical to the formula used for school sweepstakes for individual events. 



From North or South - Those coming to San Diego via Interstate 5, take the Sea World exit and proceed 2.4 miles and bear left at Nimitz Blvd.  Proceed to the first exit beyond West Point Loma Blvd., which is Famosa/Catalina.  Turn right onto Catalina.  Proceed on Catalina in a somewhat southerly direction until you reach LOMALAND drive.  Turn right on Lomaland – You are at PLNU!


From the East - For those coming via Interstate 15 or 163, take Interstate 8 West until it ends at Nimitz and follow the above directions beginning with “bear left at Nimitz Blvd.”

From the Wyndham Garden Hotel  - proceed south on Sports Arena to Rosecrans, and turn right.  Follow Rosecrans about 3 miles to Canon.  Turn right on Canon and proceed on Canon to the top of the hill to Catalina, and then turn left.  Move quickly into the right hand lane, and turn right at the first stoplight, which will be Lomaland.  Drive up the hill and you are at PLNU!

From the Marriott - proceed north on Laning Road to Rosecrans, and turn left.  Follow Rosecrans about 1 mile to Canon.  Turn right on Canon and proceed on Canon to the top of the hill to Catalina, and then turn left.  Move quickly into the right hand lane, and turn right at the first stoplight, which will be Lomaland.  Drive up the hill and you are at PLNU!

From the Airport - Simply head West on Harbor to the Point Loma area (directional signs at airport help), turn left on Rosecrans, right on Canon and see above directions from the tournament hotel from there.  


Stop at the main gate as you enter the campus.  You will be directed to the commuter parking lot and will be given a map of the campus. Please do not to use the main commuter lot on Sunday Morning. We must reserve it for the use of First Church members, per our university’s contractual agreement for shared use of facilities between the University and First Church.  There are many other free parking spaces.  



There were some past incidents where a few students abused the campus rules, causing some minor acts of vandalism of school property and converting an unused room into a smoking lounge. In subsequent years, we have had increasing difficulty securing permission for the use of many rooms we needed based on these incidents. Further such transgressions may imperil our ability to offer this tournament at all in future years. Please encourage your teams to respect the rules and the facilities. Please also alert us to any problems you observe early enough for us to resolve them before potentially irate professors or staffers discover them on Monday. Thanks so much for your cooperation. Please also do not move any furniture between rooms, and do not attempt to relocate any podiums, tables, etc. that are wired in place.  It is very expensive to have these repositioned and reconnected by our media technicians.




Hotel Lodging Information

We are recommending three hotels that we will designate as the primary tournament hotels.  One is the former Holiday Inn, now called Wyndham Garden San Diego Hotel and Suites and the other hotel we have used for many years now is the  Courtyard by Marriot/Liberty Station.  We have added a third hotel, The Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy/ Downtown.  They are described in greater detail below.  We are also looking into a nice hotel in Little Italy that is close to the airport and to downtown for those that would rather stay closer to the down town scene.  I should have that information shortly.


Wyndham Garden San Diego Hotel and Suites. (also a tournament hotel)

$70*/night for a standard rooms (sleeps up to 4), $85 per suite (sleeps more than 4). The Wyndham Garden has many amenities (such as refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, irons, etc), is in walking distance to many fun restaurants, is fairly close to the campus, and we will post the breaks on line with the site on Saturday night so you need not delay dinner plans to see who breaks.  These are excellent rates for the San Diego Hotel market. Some suites, though higher than the standard rooms, allow for two queen beds and a foldaway sofa sleeper allowing maximum utilization of the suites. To book rooms with the Wyndham Gardens please call directly at 619.881.6100 or Dora (619) 881-6167.  We should have a web link page provided by the hotel soon.


Courtyard by Marriot/Liberty Station (a tournament hotel) (rates are still tentative, not locked down yet)

King, or Queen/Queen - $105 (negotiated down from their standard $169-$229). The Courtyard hotel is a fairly new property built in Liberty Station (a new shopping/dining development) on Rosecrans Blvd.  It is closer to campus and the airport, and is quite impressive. They have drastically reduced their normal prices to entice our business.  At $109 this is a tremendous hotel value in San Diego. The depressed economy is at least allowing us to offer nice locations at affordable rates. You will be very impressed with this property.  It is a step above most tournament hotels, for a reasonable rate.  We will post the breaks at this hotel Saturday night to better accommodate your dinner plans. The

Courtyard sales director asked me to include their top ten reasons to stay at the Marriot.

1. Upscale Waterfront Hotel

2. Ideal Location, Less Than 2.2 miles from PLNU 

3. ½  mile from the San Diego Airport

4. Complimentary Airport Shuttle Service

5. Complimentary High Speed Internet Access

6. Complimentary Upgrade for Team Coaches

7. Multiple Restaurants in Walking Distance and Adjacent to Waterfront Park

8. Room Service Offering an Extended Menu

9. Full Service Restaurant Serving Breakfast and Dinner

10. Waterside Deli featuring Starbucks Coffee and Fresh Panini Sandwiches

For reservations please contact the Courtyard by Marriot directly at 619.221.1900 and ask for our special tournament rate for the “Sunset Cliffs Classic” group rate &/or group code “SCC”.  Or ask for Sales Coordinator Chelsea Carone.  A web link should be provided shortly.


And this year we have added an exciting third option closer to down town San Diego in the Little Italy section for those that might want to spend some time enjoying this part of San Diego nestled between, the scenic harbor, the airport and the bustling downtown section.  I understand they have some shuttles available if you are without cars.  But this might be more for evening jaunts than to and from the campus.  If you try this option, please let me know if you enjoy it or not. Great dining options in walking distance.


Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy/ Down Town San Diego

King Deluxe or Two Queen Deluxe with Refrigerator and Microwave in every room: $89.00, up to 4 people. A discount of $70.00 per night. Located in the heart of the charming district of Little Italy, walking distance to multiple restaurants, shops, and art galleries, one mile from Downtown San Diego, Gaslamp Quarters, One miles from SD International Airport, 3 miles from the Famous San Diego Zoo, 6 miles from Sea World and San Diego Beaches.

Little Italy and the surrounding area offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including jogging paths along the beautiful San Diego Harbor.  The hotel also offers a complimentary Fitness room, or you can head right upstairs Sunday morning to our rooftop terrace for something different – Our complementary Sunset Yoga at the Porto Vista Hotel.  

The Porto Vista Hotel features the perfect mix of accommodations with our European flair. Be sure to dine at the Glass Door Restaurant with overlooking the San Diego harbor and skyline lend a stunning view. Featuring modern touches and a unique European-style charm, Open for Breakfast and Dinner. 

When you stay with us you will enjoy:

Free Upgrade to our deluxe rooms with Ultimate pillow-top mattress with comfy bed package and Microwave, Refrigerator and wet bar in every room

Complimentary Valet Parking

Complimentary Airport Shuttle

Complimentary Internet Wireless Access

Walking Distance to the San Diego Harbor, Gaslamp Quarters and Downtown

Less than one mile from the San Diego International Airport

5 miles from the Point Loma Nazarene University, you can enjoy the view along Harbor Drive and the San Diego harbor. 

Easy access to Highways: I-5, I-163 and I-94

For Reservations you can call the Hotel Direct at (619) 544-0184, be sure to ask for the rate code: PLNU, or you can also CTRL+ click on the link below, use the PLNU for your special rate.