a National Honor Society in Family and Consumer Sciences

The purposes of
Phi Upsilon Omicron are to:

Recognize and promote academic excellence

Enhance qualities of leadership by providing
opportunities for service

Encourage lifelong learning and commitment
to advance family and consumer sciences
and related areas



An undergraduate student shall be eligible to be a collegiate member of a chapter if the individual:

(1)  has completed a minimum of 40 semester hours, 60 quarter hours, or the equivalent;

(2)  is majoring in family and consumer sciences or one of its related areas in an institution where a chapter is established;

(3)   ranks not lower than the highest thirty-five per cent of their class in general scholarship.

(4) exhibits the potential for professional and community leadership;

(5) demonstrates a spirit of service; and,

(6) exemplifies character through personal integrity and professional attitude.


Beach Clean-up, Initiation, Thanksgiving Potluck, Homecoming Fundraiser Booth