Lindsay Diederichs ('08) Political Science

Name: Lindsay Diederichs

Degree: Political Science

Graduation: December 2008

Employment: Women's & Children's Advocacy Centre

Graduate School: Webster University Geneva, Masters in International Non-Governmental Organizations

How being a political science major at PLNU prepared me:

My degree prepared me for my work in that I understand the macro systems that keep women and children in oppressive and vulnerable situations, and therefore can better inform others of how this works. My degree prepared me for my Masters program in two notable ways. 1) I learned basics of everything int'l relations really well!! I remember thinking how many 'unneeded' details I learned in Rosco's Intro to IR, but in fact those details have put ahead of others. 2) I was given the critical thinking skills to tie, contrast and analyze the arguments/information I learn during my courses. Thank you Dr. Lupo for not letting me get away with memorizing and regurgitating! The time you took re-correct and instruct me on my work has been a huge benefit to me. I feel like my Masters is pretty easy, and my grades last term support that! You guys prepared me well.

One thing I have learned:

Finding the perfect job/career is not methodical. This + this does not automatically = perfect job. Passion, unique experience, confidence, public speaking skills and your ability to relate to others can be one of the biggest door openers, and even then, every job will have its 'dirty' work.