Sarah Dunn ('08) International Studies

Name: Sarah Dunn

Degree: International Studies

Graduation: May 2008

Current Employment: Transportation Security Administration – Office of Intelligence, Indications and Warnings Unit

How being a political science major at PLNU prepared me:

Being an International Studies major broadened my world view. My educational background has helped me understand how past events have helped shape what is taking place around the world today. With this knowledge I am more aware of the politics involved with finding solutions to current threats or challenges against a country. Also, I’m regularly thinking back to the memory tricks I used in World Regional Geography to remember all the countries and capitals!

One thing I have learned:

I wish I knew not to wait until after graduation to get serious about looking for a job. Job hunting can be a long, tedious process—it’s almost a full-time job in itself. Another thing, even though I was told this while I was at PLNU I guess I didn’t fully believe it until I was in this situation—your first job does not have to be your dream job or even anywhere close to it. Take what you can learn from that position and when something better comes along then move on; i.e. it’s OK to quit.