Dr. Jaeyoon Kim

  • Professor of History
  • Phone: 619-849-2635


I earned my Master’s degree in History at San Diego State University in 1997 and Doctor of Philosophy degree in History at the University of Oregon in 2005. I am especially interested in peasant rebellions and their role in the formation of ethnic identities in south China in the nineteenth and twentieth century. I have years of research experiences in foreign countries including China, Japan, and Korea. Before coming to PLNU, I was a Visiting Scholar at Beijing University, PRC and was a lecturer at Cuyamaca College, El Cajon. I am currently teaching many history classes such as World Civilizations I and II, Asian-American History, Modern Japan and Korea, and Modern China. When I applied to graduate school, I did so out of a desire to teach at the college level. I have since come to love the research component of academia, but first and foremost I want to inspire in my students the same love that Jesus inspired in me. The scene of Jesus, who is washing the feet of his disciples, illustrates the upside-down and paradoxical biblical principle of leadership: the one who leads should be willing to serve: if you want to be first, you line up last. I endeavor to apply that picture to my teaching: if I want best to lead a class of students, I should be willing to serve them. Since I claimed to want Jesus to be Lord of my life, I wanted him to be Lord of my teaching philosophy.