2016-17 Pre-Law Scholarship Application


Who directs P.L.N.U.’s Pre-Law organization?

Dr. Kelli McCoy, Assistant Professor of History in the History & Political Science Department, is the Director of the Pre-Law Program. You may reach Dr. McCoy at (619)849-2438.

What are the purposes of PLNU’s Pre-Law organization?

We strive to inform those interested about the wide variety of options in law-related careers, as well as to prepare them for success in those careers. We provide information about law schools, the LSAT, application procedures, the bar exam, placement and practice realities, paralegal training and more. Several PLNU students have served as interns at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Does my major make a difference?

Contrary to popular opinion, virtually any major can provide the basis for a good preparation for a law-related career. The traditional majors (history, political science, English) have been supplemented in recent years by a growing demand for graduates in the sciences, business, foreign languages, social sciences, and others. If you are thinking about a legal career, you should join us as early as possible in your academic career. Most of our programs are open to freshmen through seniors (though a few will be more applicable to juniors or seniors).

How do I join?

Just show up at one of our meetings, or, better yet, email Dr. McCoy at kmccoy@pointloma.edu to be sure you get on our mailing list, which provides information regarding pre-law activities.