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History and Political Science Scholarships

2017-2018 Academic Year


Department of History and Political Science is pleased to announce the History and Political Science Scholarships for 2017-2018 academic year. All students majoring in history, political science, or international studies in the 2017-2018 school year are eligible to apply for a departmental scholarship.  These scholarships are awarded by the department in recognition of excellence in intellectual achievement, as well as commitment and contribution to the departmental community.  Scholarship applicants will be evaluated on the following four criteria:


·       Overall college grade-point average

·       Grade-point average within the major

·       Participation in departmental life

·       Applicant essay discussing departmental contribution and career goals


Completed applications are due back in the departmental office on Friday, February 24, 2017, no later than 2 p.m. Applicants will be notified of the faculty’s decision by mail.


2017-2018 Scholarship Application

This scholarship is awarded to students in all the department's majors on a competitive basis.   

This scholarship is awarded to a student in the history major with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

1) The scholarship shall be awarded to declared Political Science majors only. 
2) The scholarship shall be applied to the sophomore year only. 
3) One purpose of the scholarship is to help support students who give evidence of a desire for a career in public service and of potential to be a successful student and professional. 
4) The criteria for determining that evidence and potential shall be at the discretion of the professor(s) who teach the Introduction to Political Science course, or its replacement/equivalent. 
5) The annual selection of the Awardee shall be by the professor(s) who teach(es) the Introduction to Political Science course, of its replacement/equivalent. 
6) The Awardee must take at least one political science course each semester of the sophomore year. 
7) A second purpose of the scholarship is to induce the Awardee of Promise during the critical sophomore year to consider and prepare for competition for a nationally competitive scholarship. To that end, the Awardee agrees to (1) become familiar with the national scholarships relevant to his/her major, such as the Harry Truman Scholarship, the David Boren Scholarship, the Morris K. Udall Scholarship, and the 
William J. Fulbright Scholarship and (2) consider preparing to compete for such a scholarship during the junior or senior years.

1) Recipient(s) shall have a declared major in the Political Science Department
2) Recipient(s) shall have taken or are currently taking at least two political science courses within their Freshman or Sophomore years.
3) Recipient(s) shall be a Freshman or Sophomore at their time of awarding, with priority extended to promising Freshman students meeting all criteria
4) Recipient(s) shall be a student(s) that show(s) preference or a desire towards issues of National Security, Diplomacy or Government Intelligence, particularly as a career path.
5) This student(s) shall be identified by Political Science faculty. 

1) Planning on Graduate School
2) Declared Political Science major
3) Must take a minimum of 4 classes in Political Science in the current year
4) Full-time student - sophomore or higher
5) Selection by Political Science Faculty. 

1) Must be a declared International Affairs major with a concentration in Peace Studies.
2) Minimum GPA of 3.5
3) Must take a minimum of 4 courses in political science in the year to which the award applies
4) Must be a full-time student, sophomore or higher at the time of application. 

1) Scholarship recipient(s) shall be declared Political Science Major, 
2) Applied to the recipient's sophomore and/or junior year, 
3) Recipient to be enrolled in and complete at least one political science course per semester during the year of the award, 
4) Demonstrate an interest in a career in U.S. foreign affairs, in such areas as diplomacy or intelligence, 
5) Nominations made by the professor(s) in the Political Science Major with the professor teaching International Politics, or an equivalent course, making the final determination. 
6) Political Science faculty shall be responsible for providing applicants with application materials, including a letter of instruction prepared by the Donors regarding national scholarships and subscriptions/memberships for appropriate journals or associations. The Donors understand that the contents of the instruction letter are guidelines and are non-binding. 

1) Recipient(s) shall have demonstrated a Christ-centered life, reflected in both faithful service to the academic community and engaged in PLNU campus student life as a significant facet of their rounded college experience.
2) Recipient(s) shall be a full-time Junior or Senior student and in good standing with a minimum GPA  of 3.00 or above.
3) Recipient(s) shall have an interest in making learning a lifelong mission and thoughtful of the importance of historical-consciousness
 to the life of the church.
4) Applicants should submit a brief one or two-page reflection on how studying the past has challenged them personally and how increasing historical-consciousness could impact the life of the worldwide church.
5) Recipient(s) may be selected by History faculty in collaboration with the Chair of the History and Political Science department, subject to the approval of the Office Of Financial Aid and/or Financial Aid Committee.
6) Preference may be given to candidates intending to pursue a graduate degree, but all students who have demonstrated a heart for service may apply.
Award may be applied to books, room, and board in addition to tuition.
Scholarship may be awarded to previous recipient(s) in multiple academic years.