Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, especially it relates to health, athletic ability, fitness, and overall well-being. Whether you're interested in Athletic TrainingApplied Health Science, or Exercise and Sport Science,  studying kinesiology can prepare you for a career that focuses on helping people improve their health.

Our kinesiology program can provide you with the opportunity to aid in the development of physical efficiency, healthful living, social cooperation, and individual activity. You'll be introduced to the potential benefits of a stimulating systematic exercise program while being prepared for careers in teaching, coaching, therapeutic science, athletic training, and recreation-oriented community service programs. 

NEW MAJOR! Exercise and Sport Science

The health and fitness industries are poised for huge growth as the public demand for a healthier lifestyle has propelled careers in health and fitness to some of the top job opportunities in 2013.  As understanding grows of the need for alignment between fitness, nutrition, stress-management, and the treatment of preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease, the fitness industry and the medical field is collaborating like never before to improve people’s life and health. The Kinesiology department will provide the scientific basis for you to achieve professional fitness certifications, and specialized training to serve this growing need. For more information, contact , or You can find the 4-Year Academic Plan for this newest major HERE.


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