Brandon Sawyer, Ph.D.

Brandon Sawyer, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Biology
  • Phone: (619) 849-2283


  • PhD Physical Activity Nutrition and Wellness--Arizona State University, 2013
  • MEd Exercise Physiology--University of Virginia, 2006
  • BA Athletic Training--Point Loma Nazarene University, 2003


Dr. Sawyer's expertise is in exercise physiology as it relates to maximal exercise performance, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Sawyer is also a faculty member in the Biology department at PLNU. 
Research Interests
Using novel exercise interventions (High-intensity Interval Training) in obese populations to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
The effects of exercise on vascular function
Health benefits of exercise independent of weight loss
Determinants of maximal exercise capacity

Courses Taught

KIN340: The Physiology of Exercise
KIN340L: The Physiology of Exercise Laboratory
KIN430: Advanced/Clinical Exercise Physiology
BIO130: Human Physiology I
BIO140: Human Physiology II
KPE280L: Introduction to Athletic Training Laboratory

Recent Scholarly Work

Peer Reviewed Manuscripts:

Sawyer, Brandon J.; Stokes, David G.; Womack, Christopher J.; Morton, R. Hugh; Weltman, Arthur; Gaesser, Glenn A. Strength Training Increases Endurance Time to Exhaustion During High-Intensity Exercise Despite no Change in Critical Power. POST ACCEPTANCE, 10 June 2013 doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e31829e113b

Sawyer BJ, Morton RH, Womack CJ, Gaesser GA. VO2max May Not Be Reached During Exercise to Exhaustion Above Critical Power. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2012; 44(8):1533-1538.

Gaesser, GA, Angadi, SS, Sawyer, BJ. Exercise and Diet, Independent of Weight Loss, Improve Cardiometabolic Risk Profile in Overweight and Obese Individuals.Physician and Sports Medicine. 2011; 39(2):87-97.

Sawyer, BJ, Blessinger, JR, Irving, BA, Weltman, A, Patrie, JT, Gaesser, GA. Walking and Running Economy: Inverse Association with Peak Oxygen Uptake.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2010; 42(11): 2122-2127.

Blessinger, J, Sawyer, B, Davis, C, Irving, BA, Weltman, A, Gaesser, GA. Reliability of the VmaxST portable metabolic measurement system. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 2009; 30(1): 22-26.

Book Chapter: 

Sawyer BJ, Angadi SS, Gaesser GA. Book Title: Wellness Not Weight: Motivational Interviewing and Health At Every Size. Chapter Title: The Health Benefits of Physical Activity and Diet Independent of Weight Loss. To be published 2013.

Conference Presentations:

May 2013: ACSM meeting Indianapolis  Sawyer BJ, Bhammar DM, Tucker WJ, Gaesser GA. Use Of The Verification Phase For Confirming ‘True’ Vo2max In Sedentary Obese Adults. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 45(5S): 689.

May 2013: ACSM meeting Indianapolis: Tucker WJ, Malone C, Sawyer BJ, Bhammar DM, Gaesser GA. Comparison of the Physiological Responses to two High Intensity Interval Training Protocols. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 45(5S):664.

May 2013: ACSM meeting Indianapolis: Bhammar DM, Sawyer BJ, Tucker WJ, Baez J, Gaesser GA. Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure Measurements Using Sensewear Armband, Actiheart and Actigraph in Adults. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 45(5S):327

May 2013: ACSM meeting Indianapolis: Clark B, Wiles C, Bhammar DM, Sawyer BJ, Parker BE, Gaesser GA. Validation Of A Wireless, Multimode, Polynomial Neural Network-based Physical Activity Monitor. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 45(5S):622.

May 2013: ACSM meeting Indianapolis: Knurick JR, Tucker WJ, Bhammar DM, Sawyer BJ, Gaesser GA. Accuracy of the SenseWear Arm Band in Young and Older Adults. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: 45(5S):690.