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The Kinesiology Society (KS) is an organization at Point Loma Nazarene University dedicated to reaching out to students, particularly those within the Kinesiology Majors.


The Purpose of the  Kinesiology Society is to unite students from the Kinesiology Department by providing a means whereby students may join together in a network to achieve closer alliance among its alumni, faculty and students, while enhancing the stature and effectiveness of the Kinesiology  program.  More specifically, the objectives of the KS include:

  1. Program Support- To provide advice and support the department, college and university.
  2. Educational Support- Work to enhance the program learning experiences and increase the opportunities for ongoing learning experiences for all who desire in sub disciplines of Kinesiology:  Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Coaching.
  3. Networking- To provide business, alumni, faculty, and students a formal system which provides a vehicle for networking.
  4. Communication- Provide a mechanism for enhanced communication between alumni, university administrators, faculty, and students.
  5. Mentor Program- Implement and maintain a formal program to provide students with counsel and coaching from alumlni and other students.
  6. Ideals and Ethics- To foster and encourage the highest ideals and ethics in the field of Kinesiology.
  7. Scholarships- To encourage the contribution of funds for academic scholarships and activities for students in the Kinesiology Program.
  8. Community Involvement- Provide service to the Point Loma community and surrounding San Diego area.

                Kinesiology SocietyKinesiology SocietyKinesiology SocietyKinesiology SocietyKinesiology Society



Kinesiology SocietyKinesiology SocietyKinesiology SocietyKinesiology Society


Kinesiology Society