Undergraduate Recommendations

Many of the pre-requisites for graduate school are PLNU Applied Health Science major requirements. Graduate school pre-requisites not included in the major can be completed as electives during the PLNU career. With the help of the student's academic advisor the academic plan will be formulated based upon student's professional direction to enhance the quality and efficiency of the degree program.   

PLNU has had great success in assisting students in their preparation for graduate school. Click here to view Graduate Programs Admitting Kinesiology Alumni

In any given semester Applied Health Science majors  are doing internships in local hospitals (acute care or outpatient physical therapy; emergency room, radiology, cardiac rehabilitation; rehabilitation or Veteran's Administration hospital) and clinics (sports medicine, medical office, outpatient surgery ).

Students are encouraged to do semester long internships in which they look and act the part of the professional; to engage in dialogue with staff members and to participate as much as is possible given the medico-legal constraints.
Applied Health Science students are encouraged to do the following during their undergraduate years:

  • Target the graduate schools that are the student is most interested in attending and noting the pre-requisites unique to those institutions
  • Complete all pre-requisites for the targeted graduate schools
  • Participate in not less than three internships tailored for the student's interest
  • Prep for and complete the appropriate entrance examination(s) i.e., Graduate Record Examination
  • Maintain an appropriately high grade point average
  • Participate in original research with the faculty and students in the Department of Kinesiology, Physical Education and Athletic Training or other academic departments
  • Request professor and/or supervising internship clinicians to write letters of recommendation
  • Participate in departmental colloquia and a graduate school application seminar