Department of Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages

About the Department of Literature, Journalism & Modern Languages

Language and story dictate how we define our past, articulate our present, and innovate for our future.

In the Department of Literature, Journalism, and Modern Languages (LJML), you will discover increasingly relevant ways of using your study of the humanities in many different careers and of gaining skill with language and story to shape the world around you for good.


Get Involved

Engage in unique and meaningful fields
of study

  • Study in the humanities and explore opportunities to flourish in varied careers
  • Dig a bit deeper by completing an honor's project

Acquire hands-on experience in your desired career field

Meet writers, scholars, and professionals with years of expertise and wisdom

  • Attend events like Writer's Symposium by the Sea, Poetry Day, and the Women's Studies Lecture Series




  • Literature
  • French or Spanish
  • Writing

Interdisciplinary Minors

  • Cinema Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Women's Studies

Literature, Journalism and Modern Languages
Syllabi Spring 2015


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