Let our LJML alumni tell you how valuable and meaningful a degree from the Department of Literature, Journalism, and Modern Languages is in their
current careers:


alumKatie Manning (05), Assistant Professor of English, Azusa Pacific University

"As a doctoral fellow in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I began my dual career as a professor and poet, but my preparation for these vocations began when I was still an undergraduate student at PLNU. My LJML professors not only imparted to me the literary background and writing skills that I would need as a poet and teacher, but they also went See more examples of
Careers with LJML Degrees
out of their way to encourage me in these pursuits ... Several of the professors in this department have kept in touch with me during my graduate school years, and they continue to provide mentorship and encouragement from afar to this day. The department even hired me as a visiting professor for a year in between my M.A. and Ph.D. programs, providing me with important faculty experience and treating me as a valued colleague. I can say without exaggeration that I would not be who and what I am without the influence of this department."

Doug Brunk (88), Bureau Chief for Medical Magazine Group

"Two things stand out to me from my time as a journalism major at PLNU. First, thanks to required coursework in sister disciplines such as English literature and philosophy, I developed critical thinking skills that serve me to this day where I work with the leading source for breaking medical news for physicians. Second, I'm grateful that I was encouraged to seek out as many journalism internships in San Diego that I could manage as a student. Collectively those experiences prepared me well, not only for my master's work in magazine journalism but for my career in the field."

Blake Nelson (09), High School Teacher and Filmmaker

"Through everything I've done since college - teaching history, shooting short films, writing for local newspapers - I've found myself using my degree. My ability to tell a story, understand a character, or engage an audience can all be traced back to my literature professors and their guidance through Great Stories. And that doesn't just go for artistic side projects: when I'm hired to make a video by a small business or engaged by a couple, all they really want is for someone to tell their story in an engaging, coherent, and creative way. I am able to do that because of the education I received at PLNU."

Jennie Daniels (03), Assistant Professor of Spanish, College of Idaho

"When I began my freshman year at PLNU as a Spanish major, I had never considered earning a Ph.D. I only knew that I had chosen a program that would give me a good foundation in Spanish language, at a school where I could augment academic experience by living near the U.S.-Mexico border. Now, as I finish a doctoral degree in Spanish and Portuguese Literature at the University of California, San Diego, I have realized that the Spanish major was more than an assortment of interesting classes in language, literature, history and linguistics. In LJML, I received a well-rounded education that prepared me for Latin American as well as Peninsular Studies, and honed my critical thinking and analytical writing skills. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the LJML professors laid the groundwork for my understanding how to integrate Christian faith and academic learning through their professional but personal approach to teaching."

Kerry Michaelson (97), Deputy District Attorney

"As a trial attorney my job is simple: take facts and use them to tell a story. My training and education as a journalism major provided an incredibly strong foundation for my legal career. Attorneys are required to assess witness credibility, organize huge amounts of information and, ultimately, seek truth. Anyone considering a career in the law would be served to pursue a degree in journalism first." 

Kelly Bennett (06), Reporter for Voice of San Diego

"Journalism won me over when I went to Washington, D.C., through an internship the school arranged for me. Now, as an investigative reporter, I have the chance to apply so many of the things I came to value as a PLNU student."