Paula Cronovich

  • Assistant Professor of Spanish


  • PH.D., Hispanic Languages and Literature, UCLA
  • M.A., Hispanic Languages and Literatures, UCLA
  • B.A, Spanish, University of Southern California


Paula Cronovich completed her Ph.D at UCLA in June of 2011, after defending her dissertation, “An Ode to Joy: Chilean Culture in the Eighties against Pinochet.”

She specializes in contemporary Latin American culture and literature, the Chilean dictatorship (1973-1990), and the relationship of arts and literature to politics. She also enjoys Spanish language instruction and encouraging students to experience full culture immersion through study abroad. Her own international experiences include studying in Madrid, Spain, working as a Spanish tour guide in Cape Town, South Africa, and living and working in Santiago, Chile.

Paula is published in the journal Iberoamericana (September 2013), a special edition commemorating 40 years since Chile’s military coup. Her article is titled: “Out of the Darkness and into the Light: How the Arts Survived Pinochet’s Dictatorship.”