Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • Rohr Science 226
  • Phone: (619) 849-2723


Dr. Crockett earned her PhD in Mathematics from the University of California, Riverside.  Prior to doctoral work, she earned an MS and BS in Mathematics (with a concentration in Applied Math) from Cal Poly Pomona.  Her specialization is topology with an emphasis in knot theory.  She has mentored graduate and undergraduate students and has participated as a judge of research poster presentations at the American Mathematical Society's national meeting.


Dr. Crockett enjoys reading, gardening and cooking.


"Introduction to Knot Theory", Proceedings from the 2009 Association of Christians in Mathematics Meeting, May 2009.


"Introduction to Knot Theory", Association of Christians in Mathematics Meeting, May 2009.

"Topology and Combinatorics of Circle Diagrams", University of California, Riverside, Topology Seminar, May 2006.

"Loop Braid Category", American Mathematical Society Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Quantum Invariants, University of New Hampshire, April 2006.