Dr. Crow holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.  Prior to doctoral work, he earned an MS in Pure Mathematics from Notre Dame and a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Mid-America Nazarene College.  While his specialty is differential geometry (minimal surfaces), he works in social science statistics.  Dr. Crow is involved in several faculty committees and currently serves as the University's Chief Academic Marshall.


Dr. Crow is a practiced institutional and student researcher with extensive experience using SPSS and Excel.  Much of his research concerns PLNU students, the University, and Nazarene pastors.  He has conducted analyses of clergy retention.  Dr. Crow's expertise is an asset for our honors students - his guidance develops sound statistical analysis in student research projects.


In his free time, Dr. Crow enjoys playing racquetball and prototyping software applications.  He is an avid woodworker and experienced cook.


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See vita for full list of publications


Crow, Greg. Region, Role and Size as Risk Factors in Clergy Attrition, Association of Nazarene Sociologists and Researchers Annual Meeting, 2010.

Crow, Greg. Wesleyan or Fundamentalist? Political and Theological Stances of Nazarene Pastors, Annual Meeting of the Association of Nazarene Sociologists and Researchers, Kansas City, MO, March 12, 2004.