What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is the search for patterns in things that do not appear to be similar.  Math gives results that are both beautiful and incredibly applicable.  Mathematics majors study both theoretical and applied mathematics so that they have a deep understanding of the power of mathematics as a tool in a wide variety of circumstances.

A Mathematics major can lead to careers in

  • Actuarial Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cryptography
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Economics
  • Decision Science
  • Financial Planning
  • Medicine
  • University Teaching
  • Computer Programming
  • High School Teaching

Degree Requirements

Career Information Links

Student Research

The faculty conduct research with current students.   Recent topics have included how Newton thought about calculus, geographic information systems, the four color theorem, data mining, perspective in art, and optimization of schedules.

What our students are saying

"The best decision I made for my future wasn't the decision to come to Point Loma, but the decision to become a math nerd.  The major is fun and the colleagues are unbeatable."

"The best part about being a math major is knowing your professors can have fun too!"

"The department of mathematics is worth being a part of because the professors care about you and go to great lengths to see you succeed."

"The best thing about the math department is the one-to-one attention you get from the small, close-knit faculty."

Q: What's purple and commutes?

A: An abelian grape. ...You'll get it after Abstract Algebra.