You might come to Point Loma knowing exactly what you are going to do with your music or you may come to Point Loma without any idea of what your musical journey will be.  Your experiences in your classes and performances will help guide you towards the life that best suits you.  Take a look and examine our programs so that you can start to figure out your best "fit".

The Department of Music offers five different majors:  Composition, Performance, Music Education, Music and Ministry and Music.  You will share many of the same classes with all music majors and also take classes that are particularly required for your area of study.

The academic programs in the Department of Music meet the standards of the National Association of Schools of Music and our programs are fully accredited by the organization.  The music courses are designed to help you develop into a musician with critical listening and thinking skills, knowledge of the body of music and knowledge of the theory used to create music.





 Composition, Bachelor of Music

You will work with your professors to learn how to compose, orchestrate, critique and to edit music in many different genres.  In your senior year you will give a recital in which fellow students perform compositions from your body of work.


You will work with first class teachers to improve your technique and performance skills.  You will learn about the literature of your performance area and also be well versed in music theory.

Music and Ministry

 Music with a Concentration in Music and Ministry, Bachelor of Arts As a Music and Ministry student you learn to become a musician who can work in any worship situation whether it be a liturgical church service or an informal campfire.  You will acquire the tools to set up various worship services while learning about arranging and conducting music.  Music EducationMusic Education.

Music Education

Music Education, Bachelor of Arts

You will learn about all different instrument groups as well as voices.  Your educational experiences include conducting, teaching and observing other teachers. 


Music, Bachelor of Arts

  • The bachelor of arts degree in Music is designed to give students flexibility.  Bachelor of arts students might be double majors or supplementing their music classes with an area of study from another department such as theater. 



Music Minor

If you love music but are planning to major in something else, you might want to have a music minor.