Music Department Resources

Here's a sample of some of the things that make a PLNU music student's life a little easier:





Practice Rooms - The lowest floor of our building is second home to students who need to practice.  Our rooms are built with Wenger materials which minimizes the noise between practice rooms.  Each practice room is equipped with a piano.

 The Music Computer Lab – Unlike any other computer lab on campus, our lab has computers and attached electronic piano keyboards.  All the computers are loaded with software for composing and arranging music.  You can always use the lab to check your email, surf the net or to write a paper.

 The Piano Lab – Our piano classes are taught using the electronic pianos in our piano lab.  The teacher can hear you and you can hear the teacher—but everyone else has no idea what you sound like. 

 Cooper Music Center Classrooms – naturally we have classrooms but these rooms also double as rehearsal space in the evenings and sectional space during choir rehearsals.  Students can schedule a room through the Building Coordinator.

 The Cooper Parlor – The Cooper Parlor is a great spot for after recital receptions and some small group activities.  It is furnished with the antique piano, tables and couches of our benfactor, Mrs. Gladys Cooper.

  The Music Library – Ryan Library has extensive music research resources.  In Cooper Music Center, room 125 stores the Music Department's sheet music library, with over 4,000 titles in choral, instrumental, vocal, piano, and piano pedagogy.  This sheet music is available for use by our ensembles and by individual students.  See the Music Department Assistant for details.

  Lockers – We have lockers for books, small instruments and larger instruments.  The only cost to you is a $5.00 deposit for the lock that we provide for your locker.  Some instruments are available for check out as well.

  Music Department Office – We try to take care of your in the Cooper Music Center .  If you need an iDock, a band aid, a three-hole punch or a place to boil some water, the Music Office is the place to go.

 Ryan Library – Our university library has tons of music related materials from scores to periodicals to information about citing music sources.  Click here to explore our available resources.

Crill Performance Hall – Music students have many opportunities to rehearse and practice in our performance hall – an acoustically excellent performance facility.

The Student Lobbies – The main floor Cooper Music Center student lobby is the best place to see who is coming and going.  The downstairs student lobby is the ideal place for study sessions or to watch Dr. Who with your friends on your laptop.  The upstairs lobby is a quiet corner that is perfect for chilling out or, if you are lucky, watching some whales spout.  All three lobbies are often used to grab some quick (and not so quick) naps.

 The Music Department Staff – Mary Boles-Allen, Laurie Oliver and Betsy Northam are here to help you.  Mary, the Music Department Assistant, can assist you with music scholarship applications and information, scholarship and department major requirements compliance, private music lesson course authorizations, sheet music inquiries, and graphics for music events.  Laurie Oliver is the Building Coordinator and can help you schedule rehearsal space, point you to the location of a rehearsal , keep you up to date on schedules and provide you keys to various places in the building.  Betsy Northam is our Receptionist and Special Events Coordinator and can help you with lockers, practice room keys, and tickets for PLNU Events.  Our students never hesitate to ask our staff about anything. 

 The PLNU Campus – A walk around the campus, enjoying the fresh sea air and view of the ocean, is a great way to recharge yourself when you need to clear your mind.  Students never tire of the beauty of our campus.