In a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt, learn and create will be critical. Our physics and engineering programs are designed to help you succeed in your future career. The Department of Physics and Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and a minor in physics.

If you want to know what classes you would be taken to earn a particular degree click on any of the links below.

BS Physics

If you are interested in continuing on to graduate studies to earn a Masters or Ph.D. in physics, astronomy or a related field, then a Bachelor of Science in Physics may be the degree that you will want to earn. Learn more here.

BS Engineering Physics

If you are interested in entering an engineering field, our Physics Engineering program provides an opportunity to gain both breath and depth. Some of our students with this degree will enter the job market immediately, while others earn a masters degree in a specific engineering field upon graduation from PLNU. Learn more about the Electrodynamics Emphasis here.   Learn more about the Mechanics Emphasis here.

BA Physics

If you are interested in more flexibility a Bachelor of Arts in Physics provides a bit more space in your schedule. For instance if you are interested in the health field , becoming a high school teacher, entering a legal career, or double majoring this can be an excellent choice of majors. Learn more here.

Physics Minor

If you are interested in majoring in another field like chemistry, biology music, or mathematics, a physics minor can help provide you with a broader perspective and help you in your future studies and career.  View Catalog Listing >