Department of Psychology

Our Department of Psychology develops students, so you are able to meet problems of adjustment with realism and intelligence. With a psychology major, you will study a broad spectrum of issues concerning human nature from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Our practicum program allows juniors and seniors to obtain training in specific areas through a community mental health or social service agency. Supervised by an agency representative and a psychology professor, this program is an effective way for psychology majors to complement course work with real world experience.

Whether you want to go to graduate school or desire to use your psychology knowledge within ministry or other professional arenas, our three concentrations-- therapeutic and community psychology; character, morality, and culture; and general psychology--will help you go deeper.

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Featured Professor, Ross Oakes Mueller

When he's not in the classroom, Dr. Oakes Mueller researches the connections between gratitude and psychology.

Featured Professor, John Wu

As a psychology professor, Dr. Wu knows all about human interaction and relationships.


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