Letters of Recommendation

Grad School Letters of Recommendations Requirements


Please make sure you complete and provide all of the following materials.

1. Approach a professor(s) to ask if he or she would have time and would be able to write a strong letter of recommendation for you. You should be organized with all your materials to give to your professor(s) allowing them at least 3 weeks to write the letter.
2. Complete the entire packet listed at the bottom of this page.
3. For any forms needed from institutions, you need to provide two (2) copies. One that is blank, except for the student information concerning yourself at the top; and one that is filled out with your assessment of yourself.
4. Please list the due dates for the letters of recommendation for all of the institutions that you are applying to.
5. Specify which letters are to be mailed directly to the institution and which ones are to go to you.
6. Please provide envelopes marked for each institution. If it is to be mailed, you need to include the mailing address and provide a stamp. If it is not to be mailed, simply write the name of the institution on the front of the envelope.
7. Updated vita.
8. Transcripts (can be unofficial).


Recommendation Forms
Three required forms (All included in one attachment below)