Alumni Quotes

In what ways did the Psychology major prepare you for graduate school?

Classes at the undergrad level were informational; I loved the measurement class, which we touched upon in grad school. - Research was great at undergrad; I used many of those same techniques when researching for grad projects. (2004)

PSY380 was the impetus for pursuing a degree in MFT studies. The class covered the theoretical bases that have given me a sense of familiarity in my first semester of graduate work. This class gave me a flavor of the field and ultimately changed my course of action at the last minute from clinical to counseling. (2006)

It gave me some of the basic information that I needed for further education in psychology and provided a solid foundation on which to build knowledge and experience. (2006)

Excellent mentorship and academic/professional advisement (2000)

Research experience, challenging classes that prepared me for the classes, grad school (2006)

I felt prepared in a number of ways: academic expectations (some of PLNU's classes were more demanding and difficult than some of my graduate school courses!); study habits, professors' knowledge, experience, and passion; wide range of education (diagnosis, treatment, assessment, theories, etc.), much more! (2005)

I feel like I have a very good general knowledge base. Specifically in my statistics class and in my clinical psychology class. (2005)

The one way I was most helped was through my Group Counseling and Group Dynamics classes, as we have already began practicing therapy micro-skills (in preparation for working with clients). (2002)

I feel very prepared. The first way I feel prepared is my research background. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with professors on research projects outside of 390 and 391 (however those classes were extremely helpful as well). Second, I think the quality of the professor's instruction I got in this major, combined with rigorous testing, has contributed to my study habits which are serving me well. Third, the practicum experiences offered were extremely useful in helping me decide which populations of people I am interested in working with. Fourth... the tennis tournament. (2006)

Material learned in research methods, statistics (esp. SPSS familiarity), and assessment courses have helped the most. (2005)

Rigorous writing and research experience (2000)

The psychology program at PLNU gave excellent extracurricular opportunities that included research with faculty that in my case led to a conference presentation and a publication. Also, field training or practicum placements were of a great help and should be mandated for all psych students in my opinion. (2006)

1. Gave me a good foundation of knowledge in psych to build on in grad school
2. Offered me practicums and hands-on learning experiences (2005)

The class content (material I learned) prepared me for grad school. I was exposed to much of the content I am learning now, to some degree, in undergrad. (2005)

I have taken 4 courses so far. Only one of them is new. The other three courses cover material that I learned at Point Loma. Even better news is that it is material that I remember learning! The only real difference is the level of discussion not the concepts themselves. (1995)

I have a lot of base knowledge of theories and important people. I also had exposures to certain people/theories/ideas that many in my cohort had not. (2006)

The classes were helpful in getting me acquainted with the content of the field and teaching me how to think critically. I personally gleaned a lot from the Wesleyan Psychology/Theological Society conferences I was able attend and would encourage other students to attend any conferences they can. (2005)

Learning Statistics and Assessment Procedures; Learning theories and backgrounds of various therapies; learning styles (2005)

Encouragement and guidance to find, apply and get accepted to the right graduate school. As good or better base education in areas of child development, abnormal psych, personality theory, moral development (2005)

I learned how to conduct research and write a professional report stating my findings. Another helpful aspect was learning about the different structures of the brain and their functions. This really comes in handy in school psychology particularly when diagnosing learning disabilities. (2004)

The research experiences I was able to establish as well as the overall instructional and personal relationships that were developed with the staff. (2006)

My Psychology major laid a foundation for so many of the courses that I have taken in grad school or that I will take. (2005)

Comprehensive course requirements. Great teachers who cared about my performance. (2005)

Coursework preparation (2002)

The course work in integration was really helpful as well as the professional opportunities in research (i.e. presenting posters). Likewise, the opportunity for internship placement was also helpful. (2000)

I am taking many courses in the same content area as I took in college, such as, Research methods, Assessment, Developmental counseling, so that has helped me to do well in these graduate courses. (2003)

1.) Contact with faculty was beneficial in helping me determine my desire to work with kids/teens and their families. 2.) Class content was useful and practical in preparation for Graduate School, specifically Marriage and Family Therapy. 3.) Integration courses were wonderful in preparing me for spiritual discussions with clients along with being informed of current research within the field. (2001)