Alumni Quotes

How has the Psychology Major facilitated your personal growth/development?

I have used many learned techniques in relationships at home, work, church, etc. (1998)

Well, I am married now; my psychology degree has helped me to better understand my husband and his family, and his reaction to my crazy family. I can see more clearly other's perspectives. I challenge myself to be open minded, to continue being a life long learner, those key things I learned from my psychology professors. (2004)

I do a lot of nonprofit work in my spare time and my psychology degree has helped me understand better the mentality of some of the clients I deal with. When I am frustrated with a current situation, I can step back and view it objectively from an analytical and emotional perspective. Also, I have two small children and my course on child development is making sense now that I have firsthand exposure. (2000)

Helped improve interpersonal skills, understanding of personal development and increased awareness of others. Helped to build a solid academic foundation with a wonderful backdrop of the ocean in a setting where many had similar religious values. (1993)

It helped me to better understand myself and those whom I come in contact with on a daily basis. I feel like I have a healthy view of how the human psyche works which allows me to be a better person, friend, family member, etc. I especially appreciated the classes that blended psychology and theology, which taught me more about bringing the two worlds together and utilizing them in bringing the gospel to people I come in contact with through my profession. (2001)

I think my psychology undergrad education has been helpful in most areas in my life even though I took a different route professionally. I think I am a better-rounded person, able to communicate with others, mother my children, communicate with my spouse and relate to clients/professionals in general. (1992)

Again, I go back to personality awareness. I have more tolerance for different personality types now. (1995)

First, I believe the practice of psychology cannot help but facilitate personal growth/development. But, addressing the major specifically, I believe the professors encourage personal growth/development by making themselves available and through the curriculums (i.e. papers requesting reflection of self). The material in class and discussions, if one is interested, gives much to ponder resulting in personal growth/development. (2003)

PSY420 Moral Development Class. It was in this class that I was first given the freedom to ask myself questions about who I was to become, without the fear of consequence. PSY101 has the same potential, but as a new freshman I was too afraid of the rules to be honest with myself. Moral Development class challenged me to find myself in ways that I had not experienced until then. It primed me for the next 6 months of my life as I graduated and now have been searching for myself. I didn't change much while in the class, but my thoughts changed and the questions I began to ask myself changed and I believe that this class was crucial to my development. It was in that class that I first realized that I had been living my life for everyone but myself and the journey to free myself from that has been better because of this class. (2006)

There are "gold nuggets" of insights/ideas about people's growth and development from our integration and moral development courses which have stayed with me and which I recur every now and then in the midst of challenges/spiritual growth spurts. (1999)

The first day I stepped into psych 101 I knew I was stepping into the first day on my journey to become a different person. I learned so much about myself writing my autobiography. The biggest growth I experienced was writing my family biography and being a part of the small group class. I was able to sit and talk with my family and finally feel comfortable in my own skin in front of my family. It was not received well by my family but having the small group to support me through it helped me realize that no matter the choices I make in life my parents will always love me even if they don't like what I do. I had a significant break through when I was finally able to be myself. (2006)

Encouraged introspection and the evolving process of change over a lifetime. The spirituality focus continues to challenge me today (1999)

I use it in relating to other people (family, friends, and coworkers). I realize that not everyone is the same. (1993)

Increased my ability to introspect and helped me find healthy ways to deal with life’s circumstances. (2006)

Given me a better understanding of myself and how I deal with the world around me. (1992)

The professors in the Psych Dept. (1996-2000) really set me on the course to discover my passion and calling in life. It was at Point Loma that I fell in love with world traveling and journaling as a way to process life experiences. (2000)

I am definitely aware of my behaviors and I can tell when I am repeating certain behaviors. I am by no means fully self-aware; however, I think I am ahead of the game in recognizing my shortcomings and events that have influenced them. (2004)

I feel more able to understand how the circumstances in my life help shape who I am. If I can have a better perspective on the negative things, and an even better perspective on the positive things, I can lead a truly joyful life. And I do. (2006)

It’s really hard to tell what it did or didn't do for me. I don’t refer back to much of the knowledge I picked up in college in a concrete way but I assume that I refer to it unconsciously on a regular basis. (1995)

I draw on concepts that I learned as a Psych. major at PLNU every day of my life as a wife, mother, and professional in the workforce. The lectures, readings, and classroom experiences taught me so much about human behavior and my own interactions (The Group Dynamics course was invaluable!). As I watch my son’s growth and development with wonder and amazement, I am reminded of Developmental Psychology. I see principles of Social Psychology in action all around me - at the office, in my community, and the world at large. And I find myself applying tenets of Clinical and Counseling Psychology in my own personal relationships. In short, the things that I learned in my Psychology classes better equipped me to go out into the world and contribute as a responsible, caring adult person. (1999)

1) Relationships with those around me 2) It's embedded in all areas of my life: mentally, spiritually and professionally. (2000)

Relationship with the professors, classes that challenged my understanding of the world around me. I have really appreciated obtaining a strong background in the field of psychology within the framework of Christianity; this has been really helpful in going to a program that does not have this framework. (2006)

I understand the way that things work. (2001)

It encouraged self-knowledge, which I think is essential for any person's growth/development. It also presented issues for discussion and thought that, obviously, pertain to humans and how and why they tick. That's something unique to the field of psychology. (1999)

It helped me get to know myself and get better at interacting with other people on a deeper level. (2004)

It changed my life, taught me to look at my life and change things. See life as a journey of cause and effect. Enabled me to figure out who I was as a young adult out on his own for the first time. I felt challenged as a person and a scholar. (2002)

It has helped me to have healthier relationships with people and to recognize what they look like. It has also helped me to draw closer to God. (2000)

I attribute much of my personal growth to my psychology major. Also, I am even more fascinated by people and interested in the human process of development and experience. (2005)

I can look at myself with a different perspective. Helped me challenge myself. (2001)

I will always cherish my time at Point Loma. The faculty was amazing! I always felt like you guys were on my side, and that helped give me the confidence to succeed in whatever I decide to do in life. I learned so much about myself through the classes I took at Point Loma. Specifically, Group Dynamics taught me so much about myself and I learned a lot about my own "issues" and how I deal with transference and counter transference. Also, writing the paper for the family therapy class helped me learn about my family, which, of course, taught me a lot about myself (2005)

Family and life issues have been really helpful. Psych 101 was amazing in finding and understanding myself and my family’s past. (2004)

Psychology has definitely helped me with my recent marriage. I apply the theories of psychology all the time, especially with confrontation. I have learned that dealing with the problems we have with each other in a timely manner and not running away from our problems is a great practice. (2003)

The developmental courses, special studies and integration of theology & psychology were particularly helpful. Open discussion within the Christian context confirmed to me the importance of asking honest questions about life, even though we have faith in God. Exploring how our human relational experiences frame our experience of God has come to mean more and more to me through the years and different phases of life. And it is just cool to know what my medulla oblongata does and how my synapses fire and I will never forget the day we inspected sheep brains in the Greek. ;) But seriously, a little knowledge of neurophysiopsych and psychopharmacology never hurt. (1999)

The only class that really facilitated personal growth was 101 (I think it was called personal development). Being mentored and TA/RA work also greatly contributed to my development. (1993)

I would reiterate my experience in my Group Counseling and Group Dynamics classes, as well as PSY 420 (Moral Development) to be extraordinarily facilitative in my development. Additionally, the relational experience I had with students and professors from the department was very helpful in my growth. (2002)

It's hard for me to limit my answer here. The Psychology Major facilitated my personal growth with the unique courses and with the community. Perhaps the courses that influenced my growth the most were group dynamics, group counseling, family, and moral development. I concur with Socrates; the unexamined life is not worth living. Second, the community offered to me by the professors and students was exceptional. I feel that I am leaving dear friends and family behind. My mentors modeled characteristics which I worked to internalize. I was also challenged and supported with such love and kindness that I felt I had a very safe space in which to develop. (2006)

I feel that being a psychology major helped me to gain a better understanding of myself as well as the people around me. I have a wonderful relationship with my family and I really believe that my knowledge in the psych field has made that possible. My relationships with others and my ability to connect with people are stronger because I was a psych major. (2001)

I have a much easier time dealing with difficult people. In my line of work it’s important. I can look beyond their behavior to find their motivations and that helps me be in better control. I was very well prepared to enter into my field of choice and have a much greater understanding of the people’s handicaps that I work with. My peers that came from other colleges with similar degrees show much less knowledge and competence. (2004)

Integration classes, self-reflection papers, and personal/individual attention to my growth as a person. (2000)

By helping me to be reflective and introspective. It has helped me to step outside of myself and see how I interact with others. It has facilitated my personal growth by helping me to reflect on who I am and to understand myself more fully. It has also helped me to realize how much of a difference I can make in my students’ lives just by being me and providing a positive model for them every day. (2001)

I have been able to face deep issues from my past, walk through them, and come out of it more whole and healthy. I am also now a lifelong learner, constantly stepping back and taking a look at my emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I feel I have much more balance in my life and am able to better help others as a result of it. (2000)

Through my college experience and my psychology training, I have grown to truly understand who I am and what I want out of life. It has taught me more about inner reflecting and trying to understand why I am the way I am. Also, I contribute some of the faculty members there for my success in life. They really showed they cared about my personal struggles and successes. I can honestly say that it was with their guidance that enabled me to get as much out of the program that I did. (2003)

This major allowed me to become acquainted with various worldviews and forced me to explore and challenge personal assumptions with which I had been raised. It forced me to think "outside the box," and consider the validity of other world views. (1998)

The psychology major with courses such as moral development and especially the integration of psychology and theology challenged me to grow and question some of my presuppositions and prepared me to critically analyze an argument in a book or paper and that has seemingly prepared me well for graduate school. Also, leading a psych small group of freshmen was challenging and allowed me to grow as well. (2006)

It has helped me bring about insight to my friends. It has also provided a basis in which my work training has expanded upon (1999)

It has helped me to open my mind to many different avenues of thought in my personal, professional and spiritual life. It has helped to facilitate my continual searching now and for years to come. (2006)

My PSY101 Personal Development class was the first that really challenged my worldview and thinking. It catalyzed some substantial self-reflection and intellectual challenging that characterized my college experience. The majority of my psychology classes contributed meaningfully to this period of identity search and formation. Psychology of Religious Experience had a profound impact on my thinking, my views on the intersection of theology and science, and my personal/spiritual development. It is difficult to know if many of these changes might have occurred anyway without a psychology major. It’s possible. However, the direction of the change is definitely connected to my experiences as a psychology major at PLNU. (1997)

I really liked all the professors. They were honest and encouraging. This helped me persevere through college. My studies in the brain, development and personalities have helped me to understand why people are the way they are. (2004)

I took the small group leader class twice and I felt like this course helped me learn more about myself, and really examine my beliefs and actions. I also felt like all the assessments and papers we had to write about ourselves helped me understand myself and acknowledge some areas that needed improvement in my life. (2006)

It created a more accepting and nurturing spirit in me... (2003)

For one, PLNU was a wonderful experience. I grew more in those four years than ever imagined possible. The staff was fantastic and genuinely cared for the students. This created such a good environment for learning. (2002)

I rely on my knowledge of who I am and why I am who I am everyday as I develop and now am home schooling my children. It impacts my marriage positively, my children, and all of my relationships. I remember (and refer to often) my days at Point Loma when I would come home with new insights that are now givens in my life. It's fun to share those insights with others and see them experience self exploration for the first time. I changed my major to psychology to understand life in a different way, and I really gained that from my educational experience. (1999)

I certainly understand the dynamics of my relationships with friends and family. I think it has also helped me learn to be empathic with those who are a little "off". (2003)

I was able to explore areas of Psychology that were most interesting to me. I stayed interested in the whole field through all of the coursework and I am still interested in it. The whole department was very supportive of me and my personal goals. I was encouraged and challenged to grow and be the best student and person I could be. (2004)

It helps in understanding others as well as myself, which helps in establishing healthy boundaries and open communication. It has been rewarding to be able to help and provide hope to those in need. (1997)

Understanding and strengthening my own interpersonal relationships and understanding why I function on a daily basis the way that I do. (2003)

The professors at PLNU awakened my passion for psychology and a life with God. You guys will always be held close to my heart. (2003)

Helping me look at education as nurturing the whole child (Maslow's Hierarchy of needs), the physical, mental, and emotional. It has helped me be a better parent & spouse. (1994)

It taught me a lot about people in general through the life at PLNU in conjunction with studies. (1994)

Understanding who I am and how I got to be that way. Looking at family of origin issues, attachment, etc. Classes like group counseling and group dynamics were beneficial in learning how to interact with people on a deeper level. (2005)

My psychology major has helped me learn more about myself and the psyche of others. It has stirred in me a curiosity to learn more about how our psyche works. It has helped with my family growth and ways we deal with things. (2001)

I continue to work in a field that is about people. Many times at their worst. In turn, my faith has been challenged and strengthened. (1995)

Moral Development. Best class I ever took. I think that class single handedly challenged my belief system more than most of my religious classes did. (2002)

The psychology major helped me to grow both personally and professionally. It made my decision that I wanted to be in a helping profession that much more concrete. It also, I believe, gave me a handful of tools that I found very useful as I made my way through the college transition and development at this age. Not only useful in understanding what I was going through but also what friends were going through. And now I can understand the many aspects of the students I work with as well. (2001)

Being educated in matters of the self has helped me to be more open to myself and my personal growth. I see myself and the world in a different light than others seem to. I enjoy the way my education has made me more introspective and understanding of those around me. With this said, the knowledge I gained in the Psychology program at PLNU and the ways in which I have learned thereafter in my experiences have made me aware that I have much more to learn and much more personal growth to embrace. (2005)

I am more aware of myself through both my undergraduate and graduate studies, which allows me to better use transference and counter transference in working with families. (1996)

Understanding of actions and reactions and how to appreciate them. (1995)

The professors challenged their students to personalize things that we were learning--I took this to heart first when we were studying ego psychology. I began to analyze my typical ways of defense. As a result I have learned some scary things about myself and I am still in the process of changing these things and allowing God to work on them (The professors made it a point to say that change is possible). I also really enjoyed the integration factor. (2006)

So many ways. It got me involved in therapy and therapeutic techniques that I can use for everyday life. I grew tremendously because of the nurturance of my professors and the community among my cohort. (2006)

Led to graduate school in clinical psychology. (1998)

The psychology major helped me to narrow my focus towards my career path. I knew that I did not want to do traditional psych testing and instead focus on treatment. (1994)

The concepts learned in my degree gave me a foundation of tools for relationships as well as a framework for which to view life. The convocation aspect of PSY 101 sticks out most distinctly in my mind for viewing the world not as black or white, but rather a mosaic of beliefs. The professors often played roles of taking extreme positions to help us see that the truth usually is found somewhere in the middle: a life lesson I still carry with me. (2002)

I left PLNU with some great questions and gained a love for lifelong learning. I also learned a lot from the small groups I was a part of (Group Dynamics and leading a freshman small group one semester). (2005)

My Psychology Major has helped me in understanding of both myself and those around me. I find that I am much better at facilitating disagreements or discussions because I am able to understand what both sides are saying and explain this to the other in a way they can understand. My psych background has helped me to understand my own idiosyncrasies and those of others. It has also helped me in my capacity to listen to people and be able to talk with them about their problems and things going on in their lives and offer them ideas that may lead them to solutions. (2005)

This major inspired me to search more deeply within myself, eventually entering my own personal psychotherapy. (2002)

Encouraged me to be more insightful, more empathetic, and more analytical in my daily life. (1998)

During my course of studies in college beyond the knowledge of the field of psychology, the inward view of myself forced me to deal with some personal issues that have since benefited my personal life. (1997)

It definitely prepared me for my nurturing role as a wife and mother- to understand human development, etc. it also helped me to recognize negative patterns in my life and change them. I especially appreciate that it presented the concept that God's initial design for us was a mind/body working in harmony with each other - something that can be out of balance; that it's important to understand how our biology affects our 'inner man', etc. (1996)

The psychology classes that I took forced me to look at my own thinking, behavior, actions, choices, and patterns. They helped me understand family patterns and systems. They encouraged me to face and deal with fears, anxieties, and inaccurate/unhelpful beliefs/ways of thinking and relating. (2003)

It permitted me to know that it is okay to seek therapy as a Christian... which I have, the professors and their understanding helped me through a difficult time in my life. The assignments made me face different issues that I had been repressing. (1997)

Understanding information about personality, the brain and current research in the areas has caused me to apply these ideas to my own personality and interpersonal relationships. (1995)

I think I came to understand myself better. It also helped greatly with taking care of my children. (1999)

The interaction with the professors was very helpful, whether it be one-on-one conversations, or with a group, as in group dynamics. I learned more about psychology from my conversations with my professors, than I did in any course lecture. (2004)

Learning about psychology itself helped me to constantly reevaluate myself and others; embedded in the courses are many opportunities for self-reflection and evaluation of others; Getting to know the faculty and their genuine concern for our wellbeing was also beneficial to my personal growth. (2005)

Connecting spirituality and moral development with my career in psychology. Providing an opportunity for me to be part of a group therapy and then lead a small group (2005)

Self-awareness. (1995)

Through my Psychology Major I was able to identify things and patterns in my life and childhood that help contribute to the way I am now today, both good and bad. (2005)

My years in the psych dept really allowed me to get to know myself as well as others around me. It made me realize that I wanted to be able to make a difference in others' lives on a daily basis and it led me to the school psychology program that I am in today. (2004)

My psychology degree from Point Loma allowed me to receive support and mentorship from several professors that has helped me to mature and navigate through not only my graduate school experience, but also through the process of "growing up." I truly appreciate the personal and professional stories and experiences that professors shared during my years in the psychology program at PLNU. I appreciate their honesty about life and the psychology field. I look back upon my years in the psychology department as some of the most fulfilling in my life so far, and I truly believe that in some regards that I gained more personally and professionally from this program than even in my graduate program. (2004)

It has helped me to understand myself better and allowed me to realized possible unconscious motivations behind my behavior. It has helped me to overcome obstacles in my personal life by knowing how to deal with them in a healthy manner. (2003)

I was stretched to grow and challenge myself through personal growth in concepts learned in my classes. (2005)

I have found my passion for working with people and I have learned how to actively listen to people and empathize with them. I have learned how to evaluate and critique myself and am more aware of how I fit into the world because of the Psychology classes I took at Point Loma. (2005)

It helped me to resolve issues I had not yet deal with concerning my family life, and as my passion grew in the field and my success was complimented by my passion I felt confident in my ability to make a difference. (2006)

I was given the tools to be an introspective individual and to understand interpersonal relationships better as well. (2005)

1. Becoming more self-aware
2. Giving me insight in my personal relationships (2004)

I believe I began to understand a lot of destructive patterns in my own life and became more aware of how to regulate myself and break those patterns. Even now I can look back on the tools in which I learned in my classes and see what worked for me and use them as needed! (2005)

I felt that I was challenged through the psych courses to evaluate my personality, understand where I came from and how it all works together in my daily life. I have a greater awareness as to what motivates me and how I illicit responses in other people because of who I am - good and bad. (2004)

This is so difficult to separate out now and I have tried to reflect on this question for the last few days. What keeps coming to mind is learning the art and science of observation - of individuals, groups, and of oneself. I believe I began to learn this skill as a Psychology major at Point Loma. It has enriched my life experiences, my relationships, and has assisted in personal growth. (1990)

It has enabled me to delve deeper into my own thought processes and where they derived from. Why I do the things I do. (2002)

My adult development class as well as my group dynamics class helped me tremendously in that they afforded me an environment that I was able to feel safe enough to share personal experiences as well as learn about the different stages of life an individual might experience throughout their lifetime. (2002)

Theology integration class; study of personality types as it relates to occupational choices; impacted my personal theological/philosophical conclusions. (1995)

I have a better understanding of my own learning styles and interpersonal dealings. (1991)

The biggest way was during my time at PLNU, I grew in my walk with God, as a person, and as a developing professional. I learned so much about all of the above, including the integration of my faith and my profession! (2001)

Moral development was amazing, great class. I wish there was a freshman version of this or maybe a sophomore version. It really changed my life. (2005)

Understanding others has helped me personally as I have been able to take things personally less often when I stop first to see where the other person is coming from. (1998)

It helped me begin to understand myself and think about the different environmental, biological and psychological factors that come into play in my personal growth and development (1998)

In general, the integration of psych and theology fostered my mental life and intellectual curiosity, challenging me to examine assumptions and implicit models. For me, this heavily influenced my spiritual development because it modeled the notion of "loving God with one's mind." I also benefited from the accessibility and relational openness of faculty, which I may not have obtained at a larger university. (1999)

Several psychology courses forced thought-provoking self analysis which led to the identification of areas in my social and private lives, self esteem, self concept, and ideology where I was erroneous or even self-destructive. All of the professors provided comfortable learning environments where such honesty and openness were welcomed and valued. (2005)

I am able to identify emotional needs in children and adults. Often, others come to me for a helping hand or listening ear. (1997)

I understand my own behavior very well and have been able to overcome (with the Lord's help) personal struggles with depression. (1991)

In college, personal growth is in the forefront, so my classes only helped my personal growth. It gave me a structure to think about the people around me, and in doing so, I had to examine myself - where I came from, what motivated me, family dynamics, etc. (2002)

I began to understand myself and others better. (2002)

Understanding more about my own behaviors-where they come from, who has influenced me, and how to go about making effective changes toward personal growth (2003)

Helped me determine what I believed in. (1999)

Helped to facilitate critical thinking. Also, in understanding components of research and statistics, it helps in evaluating validity of info that comes my way. (2005)

The psychology program at Point Loma was outstanding! It helped me not only understand others but also learn about myself. My current occupation is one that deals with people in the worst situation in their lives. I would not be able to help them legally or emotionally without first understanding myself and the way I interact with others. (2003)

I really learned so much about how I relate with people and about my behavior and how that does affect others. I’ve greatly appreciated learning more just about how powerful the mind is and just about how people respond in general. I realized there were so many things I was doing based on past experiences that I could change and make better and grow in. I loved all that I learned from this field, and although I'm not in graduate school or planning on getting my Masters or Ph. D in Psychology, I really feel that it did impact how I viewed people and behaviors, and myself. (2006)

For me, the most powerful influence was my Psych. professors. I learned A LOT from my psychological years at Pt. Loma. One particular class did change my life profoundly. Psych. Religious experience class. I don't have the name right, but it was an intimate class where the talking floor was open. I believe I am a stronger person for it. (2000)

Preparing me to manage others (1991)

It has given me resources and an open mind to continue learning throughout life and never settle for something that is not truly right for me. Also, my practicum senior year was a tremendously rewarding experience, and taught me ways of interacting and communicating with people from all walks of life. (2004)

I love learning about what makes people "tick". My study in psychology helped give me the beginning knowledge of why people do what they do. When you learn about others you can't help but also learn about yourself as well. I like having a combination of class and group experiences. They rounded out my learning because you get very different things from each of these experiences. (1994)

Better understanding of diversity within people's thinking processes and personalities. Development of interpersonal skills. (2004)

Majoring in psychology helped me to become more insightful and motivated toward growth. (2000)

I have a better understanding of myself and how I relate to people. It has helped me in my communications with those around me. (1998)

Through coursework at PLNU, especially Psych 101 and Group Psych, I learned a great deal about myself, and learned how to dissect certain behaviors and try to explain certain behaviors -- my own behavior and the behavior of others. This analysis has helped shape who I am today. (2004)

Provided me with the foundation that I needed in Psychology that eventually spurred me on to get my Master's and to seek counseling. The program at PLNU provided me with the inspiration to explore the world of psychology and other healing modalities that eventually lead to extensive personal growth and healing. (1993)

It has helped me understand myself and the way I interact with others. It has also helped me understand some of my decision making. (2005)

Helped me to listen to others and be helpful or assist as needed. (1999)

I now see my relationships more clearly and my expectations of those connections are now more clearly defined and realistic. (2003)

Understanding people, understanding behavior (2000)

One of the professors' courses truly helped in my personal growth. He pushed all of his students to look deeper in themselves before looking at others. (2004)

Being aware of the makeup of the human thoughts and emotions, of relational issues, of developmental theories, of mental health issues, etc., has helped me in my own personal relationships with those in my life. (1990)

Obtaining my degree in Psychology has helped me in a number of ways. Some specifics would include confronting my past and my present for that matter. Just knowing that I have the power to make a difference in my own life and just because I was dealt specific cards, does not mean that I am stuck. I have also become more open and I am not one to prejudge anyone. I have come to realize why it is that I do the things I do and have been shown tools and how to change them if I wish to do so! (2004)

Many of the assignments got me thinking about my own mental well being (2001)

It has helped develop a strong sense of self and character. (2003)

I learned that Optimism can be learned and it is a daily practice for me. Thanks! (2004)

It has helped me view people as holistic beings. (2001)

Better insight into my motivations (1994)

I think the psychology major really helped me get a handle of who I am. Before studying psych. I usually sold myself short, but through several courses at PLNU, I came to realize my full potential. So I guess I could say that my Psych studies at PLNU have opened my eyes up to what I am capable of and I continue to grow on a daily basis because of it. (2005)

I believe the faculty is "top notch", and all of them made me feel that they had my development and interests at heart. They were encouraging and supportive in my journey (1999)

My degree in Psychology impacts my daily life by just my overall outlook on the world. I am more interested in why people are the way they are and I don't judge them because they act or think differently than I do. We all have different backgrounds and it is intriguing to me to see how they play out in our lives. I really enjoyed my education with the Psych department at PLNU and I look fondly back on those years. I also greatly appreciate the research experience and opportunities that we were exposed to. Despite the fact that research is not my thing it is great for the resume and really gives you a more well rounded approach to your further education. I can see how important good research is to our daily lives and I am grateful to those that do it. (2002)

By studying psychology it has given me insight to why I or other people react the way they do to certain situations. (1998)