Student Quotes

Discover what our students think are the best aspects of the psychology department...

  • How passionate the professors are about their specialties. It’s extremely fun to learn from them.
  • I really find it helpful that all the staff are so friendly when you need help with a problem (personal or academic).
  • What I find most helpful and enjoyable is the availability of the faculty. I love the faculty. They’re always prompt and willing to work with students on a one to one basis. They never turn you away without an answer.
  • I love the faculty and the classes have all been interesting and helpful.
  • I really enjoy the way the professors interact with the students. The professors really show an interest and care about the lives of the students in the department. The psychology faculty really make sure they are involved and show a deep concern in the lives of students.
  • Whenever I call with a question it is quickly answered or I am directed right away to the person that can help me.
  • I think the extracurricular activities within the department (i.e. the tennis tournament) are great.
  • I have really appreciated gaining understanding of different things to do with a psych major-psy 400 has been incredibly helpful thus far. I have also learned a lot about myself through various projects that I’ve had to do in psych classes. The instruction also simply helps me understand others as well. I also really appreciate how approachable all the professors are.
  • The professors' enthusiasm and willingness to work with students. The genuineness and understanding of the professors.
  • Faculty, students, community aspect of it all, challenging courses that made you reevaluate the different schemas that made up your life.
  • I love that the professors care about us and our lives. They are all very honest about their own experiences and will do anything they can to help us.
  • The fact that the faculty really seems to care about us as people, not just as students. They are available and approachable.
  • The teachers were really knowledgeable and fun. I really enjoyed classes and interacting with them
  • I really enjoyed how helpful and friendly the teachers are. They really provide a great learning and growing environment.
  • The availability and warmth of the professors and their encouragement to me as a student.
  • Faculty are very nice and knowledgeable. They are easy going and allow students to feel comfortable with asking questions or asking for help.