• To provide students with understanding of social environments and patterns of human behavior. This knowledge is a foundation for many disciplines in addition to sociology, e.g., criminal justice, education, psychology, social work, ministry, business and international affairs.
  • To help students understand themselves and others in the context of local, national and world societies through the comparison of societies and cultures.
  • To prepare students to work with many populations and issues in a variety of settings in the United States and elsewhere in the world.
  • To provide students with the tools for study and analysis of the structure and functioning of social groups, social institutions, and societies.
  • To provide professional education for employment in the criminal justice systems and generalist social work practice, and the foundation for post-graduate study.

Tradition of Excellence

 A major in Sociology is foundational for the understanding of human society and social behavior. The graduate in Sociology is equipped for many human service positions and is prepared for post-graduate study in Sociology, which can lead to positions in higher education, research, business, and law.

 Sociology Major Course Requirements