The Sociology minor consists of a minimum of six courses from the list below (three from the required core and three electives).The student must select a minimum of 12 units of upper-division credits in Sociology and may include no more than three units of Sociology 490 Special Topics in Sociology.

All classes required for the minor must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.000) or better.

Lower-Division Requirements

SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3

Upper-Division Requirements

SOC 415Social Theory3
SOC 260*
SOC 460*
Sociological Analysis OR
Social Research Methods and Design
*Students who have completed a research methods course for their major--History 270, Nursing 399, Political Science 270, Psychology 390 and 391--may substitute for Sociology 260 or 460.
Select at least 9 units from the following:
SOC 303Urban Issues3
SOC 305Social Stratification3
SOC 310
SOC 314
Criminology OR
Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 316Sociology of Aging3
SOC 320Social Psychology3
SOC 330The Development of Feminist Thought4
SOC 350Urban Sociology3
SOC 360Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 375African Cultures and Histories3
SOC 420Social Change3
SOC 430Sociology of Religion3
SOC 444Globalization and Culture3
SOC 470Medical Sociology3
SOC 475Sociology of Education3
SOC 490**Special Topics in Sociology3
**No more than three units of Sociology 490 may count toward the 12 units of upper-division course work required for the minor.

Recommended Courses

SOC 103Social Problems3
SOC 201Cultural Anthropology3
SOC 250Sociology of the Family3