Faculty & Staff

"We have a diverse, international faculty with backgrounds in finance, technology, economics, micro-enterprise, marketing, management, and more.  Students are part of the pedagogy.  They participate in the teaching of each other, because they are all experts in some field."
Bruce Schooling, Ph.D.,
Professor of Business

Full-time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Emeriti Faculty


  • Claire Buckley, M.A., Director, Graduate Admissions
  • Carol Cho, MBA, M.S., Assistant Director, Graduate Business Education
  • Cathy L. Gallagher, Executive Director, Fermanian Business & Economic Institute  
  • Paul Gentry, MBA, Assistant Director, Fermanian Business & Economic Institute
  • Tatum Hunter, Department Assistant, Fermanian School of Business
  • Lauren Marshall, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Fermanian School of Business