Robert C. Gailey, Ph.D.

Robert C. Gailey, Ph.D.

  • Director, Center for International Development
  • Professor of Business
  • Phone: +1(619) 849-2786


  • Ph.D., University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, with a concentration in Nonprofit Management
  • M.Div., Nazarene Theological Seminary
  • B.A., Eastern Nazarene College


Dr. Rob Gailey teaches nonprofit organizational management and theories of economic development in the International Development major at PLNU and serves as the faculty advisor to PLNU's Microfinance Club.  He holds a Ph.D. from the University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences, with a concentration in Nonprofit Management.

As Director of the Center for International Development, Rob Gailey is actively engaged with students across campus to bring awareness and solutions to social issues that impact our global economy.  The Center for International Development has funded several students to participate in international development conferences and research in the U.S. and abroad.


Teaching is about challenging and guiding the minds of students to expand their horizons, grapple with difficult and complex issues, and find realistic action steps (praxis) they can apply in their search for truth, meaning, and fulfillment.  The best in academic scholarship is that which positively influences practice while the best in practical action is that which measures up under the best of academic rigor and scrutiny.

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  •  MGT 470 - Nonprofit Organization Management
  • ECO 315 - Theories of Economic Development
  • ECO 470 - Contemporary Development Planning
  • ECO 490 - Special Topics in Economics: Microfinance in South Africa
  • BUS 685 - Nonprofit Organization Management, Graduate level

Guest Lecturer and Presenter

  • The Art Institute of California San Diego
  • Africa Nazarene University
  • School of Leadership and Education Sciences, University of San Diego
  • Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego
  • MBA Program, University of San Diego
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Eastern Nazarene College

Seminars/Workshops/Presentations Led, Co-Led, or Moderated

  • Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Royal Institute of Technology/Jonkoping International Business School
  • Baylor University
  • Brigham Young University

Previously Worked For

  • San Diego Microfinance Alliance, Founding Member
  • World Relief, Director, Microfinance Consulting Services
  • Microcredit Summit Campaign, Research Director
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Field Liaison/Logistics Coordinator

Awards and Honors

  • Emerging Leader Alumni Award, Eastern Nazarene College, 2012
  • Best Pedagogical Paper, Christian Business Faculty Association, Annual Conference, 2011

Professional Related Community Service

  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc.
  • Lazarian World Homes
  • San Diego Microfinance Alliance, Founding Member
  • Advisor to Elevate Africa


Dr. Gailey's research focuses on microfinance, social capital, international economic development, measurements of poverty, faith-based approaches to holistic relief and development and social entrepreneurship.


Rob Gailey is a globally-minded individual with proven expertise in his field of study, and a personal background which successfully inspires his research, teaching, and publications.  He spent six years of his childhood in the country of Swaziland and since has conducted microfinance/development training in the following countries: Liberia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Armenia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Haiti, Georgia, Mongolia, Philippines, Albania, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland and Kenya.


  • Datta, P.B. & Gailey, R. (2012). Empowering women through social entrepreneurship: Case study of a woman's cooperative in India.  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 36(3), 569-587.
  • Lead author "How Can Microfinance Contribute to Restoring Dignity and Transforming Lives in Urban Slums?" paper commissioned for the Global Microcredit Summit, November 14-17, 2011, Valladolid, Spain.  (forthcoming publication in the Journal of Social Business)
  • Gates, J., Bollinger, L. & Gailey, R. (2012).  Nurturing a Prophetic Imagination: Missiology as Ecclesiology in Gates, J. & Mann, M. (Eds.), Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination (pp. 229-244).  Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers.
  • Graber, K. & Gailey, R. (2005). Sustainability in Microfinance - What's the Bottom Line? In Dean, J., Schaffner, J. & Smith, S.L.S. (Eds.), Attacking Poverty in the Developing World: Christian Practitioners and Academics in Collaboration (pp. 63-76). Waynesboro, GA: Authentic Media, 2005.