Student Accounting Society

If you are reading this, you either got here accidently or you are an accounting student at Point Loma. Assuming the latter is true, welcome to the webpage of the Student Accounting Society.

PLNU's Student Accounting Society aims to develop our students' professional skills as well as connect them to internships and future jobs in the accounting field. We host firm BBQ's, discussion panels, professional development events, and CPA exam presentations. Our society has been successful in placing students in great positions within the San Diego accounting community, and PLNU has been in the top 3 California institutions for CPA exam pass rates and average score for 3 consecutive years. We're obviously doing something right.

We are looking forward to the schedule this year that will electrify you more than an AC/DC concert. Of course, this assumes that you love to eat burgers while wearing business casual and chatting with someone who maybe your superior in a couple years (or less!) or observing a panel of CPAs fielding questions from a group of overzealous students (oh wait, that's us). If this doesn't seem too taxing (sorry), make sure you get onto the mailing list about events by contacting the Student Accounting Society officers.

For questions about the club and events, please feel free to contact us at the emails provided below.

Current President: Ben Watson at

Past Student Accounting Society Presidents

2014-2015 Zayne Johnson
2013-2014 Ali Turnquist
2012-2013 Murray Doig
2011-2012 Tony Cosentino
2010-2011 Elizabeth Holbrook
2009-2010 Mark Fuentes 

Faculty Advisor

Professor Carl Hammond