School of Education

Listed below are the School of Education Full-time Faculty, Staff, Program Coordinators and advisors listed in alphabetical order.  Click on each name for biographical and research interests.


Regional Center Faculty/Staff Directories

Mission Valley


Dr. Deborah Erickson (Ed.D., University of the Pacific)



Abercrombie-Donahue, Micki (Ed.D., Montana State University)

Master of Arts in Teaching Program Advisor and Assistant Professor of Education | (661) 377-4723


Campbell, Conni (Ed.D., University of La Verne)

Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Advanced Programs/Other School Professionals and Director of Main Campus Programs
Professor of Education | (619) 563-2842 (Mission Valley) or (619) 849-2532 (Point Loma)


Caric, Kathy

Special Education Program Advisor
Assistant Professor of Education | (661) 321-3486


Gibbs, Shirlee (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University) 

Special Education Coordinator
Professor of Education | (619) 563-2852


Hamilton-Bunch, Jill (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara)=

Associate Dean for Initial Teacher Preparation Programs and Director of the Bakersfield Regional Center | (661) 321-3487


Hunter, Ashley

Credential Analyst | (619) 563-2851


Johnson, Jim (Ed.D., University of Southern California)

Professor of Education | (619) 849-2990 (Point Loma) or (619) 563-2838 (Mission Valley)

Jones, Mischa

Assessment System Coordinator | (619) 563-2871

Keller, Marie

Department Assistant | (619) 563-2818

Kritsch, Jennifer

Master of Arts in Teaching Program Lead, Bakersfield | (661) 321-3483


Liston, Andrea (Ed.D., Argosy University)

Director of Assessment and Accreditation/Professor of Special Education  | (619) 563-2836


Martinez, Enedina (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University)

 Professor of Education  | (619) 563-2491


Montaño, Ashley (Reynolds)  

Office Manager and Undergrad Fieldwork Coordinator | (619) 849-7741

Morales, Nicole

Clinical Practice/Outreach Coordinator   (619) 563-2811


Muniz, Marissa

Office Manager  |    (619) 849-2332


Necoechea-O'Neill, Denise (Ph. D., University of California, Riverside)

Special Education Program  (619) 563-2839

Olsen, Carl (Ed. D., University of Southern California)

Associate Professor of Education | (661) 377-4724


Posey, Ray (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University)

Professor of Education | (619) 563-2832

 Roy, Suzanne 

Educational Leadership Coordinator | (619) 563-2820

Silberberg, Dawn

Master of Arts in Teaching & Learning Program Lead and BTSA Coordinator, Bakersfield | (661) 321-3481


Taylor, Dione (Ed.D., Northern Arizona University)

Program Personnel Services Coordinator
Professor of Education| (619) 563-2817