Program Design

apply_now.jpgThe best leaders have a deep understanding of history and tradition but are also forward thinking. They seek to impact tomorrow by transforming lives and institutions today.

In PLNU’s educational leadership program, you will gain the skills and mindset to become the kind of visionary leader you know is needed today. Rooted in a solid awareness of historical practices and theories, our program will help you analyze (and even create!) the newest developments in the field. Whether you are currently working at a school site or aspire to be in school administration, we will further your ability to handle the demands of the diverse and rapidly-changing school environment. Because we know that leaders can’t be created in a vacuum, we specifically designed this cohort program to allow you to collaborate and learn from your peers and mentors in your region. Let us help you become the leader you were meant to be.

PLNU Degree and Credential Offerings:

  • Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Educational  Leadership – 36 semester units
  • Master of Arts in Education with a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential – 36 semester units
  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential only – 24 semester units
  • Clear Professional Administrative Services Credential – 6 semester units

The Educational Leadership Degree Program emphasis prepares educators to establish and sustain a vital learning community that supports powerful teaching and learning.

Our Instructional Team: 

All of our instructors are veteran school administrators with decades of experience as principals and district office administrators.  Their backgrounds and experiences include schools and districts with special needs in Title I, Program Improvement, SAIT, DAIT, Curriculum Audits, high English Language Learner populations, and high poverty populations.  They have also had experiences with high performing, high income schools and districts.


Educational Leadership required courses (this also meets the requirement of the Preliminary Administrative Services credential)  (24 units):

GED603:  Visionary Leadership (3 units)

GED603F Fieldwork and Practicum (1 unit)

GED604:  Instructional Leadership for the Success of ALL Students (3 units)

GED604F Fieldwork and Practicum  (1 unit) 

GED606:  Organizational Leadership and Resource Management (3 units)

GED606F Fieldwork and Practicum  (1 unit)

GED609:  Collaborative and Responsive Leadership (3 units)

GED609F Fieldwork and Practicum  (1 unit)

GED610:  Leadership within the Political, Social, Economic and Legal Framework (3 units)

GED610F Fieldwork and Practicum  (1 unit)

GED611:  Ethical, Moral and Servant Leadership (3 units)

GED611F Fieldwork and Practicum  (1 unit)

Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed) required core courses:

GED672 Philosophy of Education (3 units)

GED 681 Educational Measurement and Evaluation (3 units)

Electives: 6 units

Total required for MA in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership - 36 units

Once the candidate receives an administrative position, he/she enrolls in the Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential program.


Each one of the PLNU School of Education Regional Centers has a program coordinator that is available to answer questions about curriculum. In addition, a graduate enrollment counselor is available to answer questions about the admissions process, application deadlines and materials.  

Key Contacts by Location

Dr. Ruth Holton, Admission Chair
(661) 377-4729

Stephanie Meier, Graduate Enrollment Counselor
(661) 377-4721

Inland Empire (offering courses in Corona)
Connie Fish
Interim Director, Inland Empire Regional Center
(951) 273-7568

Amanda Bolton, Graduate Enrollment Counselor
(619) 563-2810

Mission Valley (San Diego)
Marie Grey, Admission Chair
(619) 563-2839

Amanda Bolton, Graduate Enrollment Counselor
(619) 563-2810