School and Community Connections

As a School of Education in ALL locations, we invest in intensive partnerships with local private and public schools, school districts, county offices of education, BTSA programs, and SELPAs to have an on-going and positive impact on improving teaching and learning in surrounding K-12 learning communities.

Our credential and graduate programs address improvement priorities identified by the K-12 learning community.

For example, explicitly addressing the needs of English learners and special education students with a differentiated curriculum is a top priority for all faculty in the School of Education. Both credential and degree candidates in all programs leave PLNU with special competency in addressing these priorities in their learning communities and are required to document evidence of increased professional practice and actual impact on student learning in their graduate coursework.

Candidate's Perspective: Cohesive K-12 Professional Development/Graduate Study

K-12 Partnerships include a purposeful, streamlined integration of K-12 professional development and graduate coursework to provide a cohesive and highly relevant course of study from the graduate candidate's perspective.

K-12 experts and university faculty work side by side to develop this powerful integration and application of university coursework to the school setting.
Recent integration efforts with K-12 Partners have encompassed all levels of teacher credentialing starting with intern credentials, and the Master of Arts in Education coursework in Teaching and Learning and Special Education.

Clearing the Level II Special Education Credential with BTSA Induction

K-12 Partners have found the integration of Point Loma's Level II special education credential requirements with BTSA Induction requirements to be one of the most useful results of K-12 educators and PLNU faculty team efforts to date!

Point Loma Level II special education credential candidates complete their clear credential requirements as they complete their Year 2 in BTSA Induction just like their general education counterparts.

Educational Leadership Cohort

In Arcadia, Inland Empire, and Mission Valley, Point Loma reaches out to local school districts and provides the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential to cohorts of district teachers who are aspiring administrators. These district-based programs include highly relevant applied fieldwork and practicum experiences that are focused on district priorities for administrative credential candidates.

The M.A. in Teaching and Learning or Special Education

The coursework in this blended program of graduate study honors evidence of candidate proficiency from BTSA work and intensive district and special education professional development.

Required Courses:

  • The MA in Teaching and Learning or Special Education requires 36 semester units.
  • The Level II Special Education Credential for both mild-moderate and moderate-severe requires 21 semester units of coursework.
  • Six units aligned with required PLNU coursework may be transferred into the program from other accredited institutions of higher education.
  • Review the PLNU catalog  for more information.
  • Year 1 and Year 2 BTSA teachers who are Level II or MA candidates are enrolled in a carefully planned sequence of PLNU courses taken at the Mission Valley campus.

For more information about forming a Partnership with Point Loma or about our School Community Connections, contact the location nearest you.