Task 4: Culminating Teaching Experience

In this culminating task you will demonstrate your ability to design a lesson based on state-adopted frameworks and academic content standards for students, implement that lesson making appropriate use of class time and instructional resources, meet the differing needs of individuals within the class, manage instruction and student interaction, assess student learning, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson. You will then demonstrate your ability to make lesson adaptations for two focus students and demonstrate your ability to analyze evidence of student learning and reflect upon instruction. Finally you will submit your completed response, a videotape of the lesson you taught, instructional artifacts, and samples of student work. The videotaping information can help you prepare, practice, and become familiar and comfortable with the process. The following TPEs are measured in this task:




All tasks are completed and submitted on templates already loaded into Task Stream. To access the most recent template for your planning and perusal, go to the CTC website, http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-prep/TPA-California-candidates.html