Task 3: Assessing Learning

You will demonstrate your ability to select a unit of study and learning goal(s) and to plan standards-based, developmentally appropriate student assessment activities for a group of students. In addition, you will demonstrate your ability to assess student learning and diagnose student needs from particular student responses to the assessment activity. You will demonstrate your ability to make assessment adaptations for two focus students: an English learner and astudent with identified special needs. You will also score, review, and analyze evidence of student learning and you will reflect on assessment implications of this evidence. Finally you will submit your completed response, the assessment(s), selected student assessment responses, and, if appropriate, scoring scales, rubrics, and/or scoring guides as artifacts. The following TPEs are measured in this task:




All tasks are completed and submitted on templates already loaded into Task Stream. To access the most recent template for your planning and perusal, go to the CTC website, http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-prep/TPA-California-candidates.html