The School of Education on the main undergraduate campus offers teacher preparation courses for undergraduates interested in teaching after earning their B.A. in a major other than Cross-Disciplinary Studies. These majors may consider teaching at the elementary, middle school, or high school level with a multiple subject, single subject, or special education credential.

In addition, other departments on the main campus prepare students in the academic disciplines of Art, Business, English, History, Home Economics, Foreign Languages, Life Science, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physical Science, and Social Science for teaching at the middles school and high school levels. Several departments are seeking approval to provide aspiring teachers with the required subject matter competency through their approved coursework taken during the undergraduate years rather than by exams, such as the CSET.

Aspiring teachers from other departments may take as many as three teacher preparation courses as undergraduates:

  • EDU302 Foundations of Education and Learning Theory
  • EDU404 Foundations of Special Education
  • EDU306 Principles of Language Acquisition

There is currently a high demand for Mathematics, Science, and Special Education teachers who have an interest in teaching at the middle school or high school level.

Any undergraduates, other than Cross-Disciplinary Studies majors, interested in teaching as a career, are strongly encouraged to contact the School of Education at Evans Hall for on-going advising and the development of a long range teaching credential program plan by School of Education faculty starting as early as your freshman year.

Single Subject Advising Guide


Dr. Conni Campbell
Associate Dean
(619) 849-2532