Special Programs

 PLNU provides many opportunities to engage in a rich academic experience:

Study Abroad - Make the world your classroom! Study abroad offers programs in more than 50 countries, for class credit and a comparable price to a traditional on-campus semester. 

Honors Program - students of exceptional scholarship and capacity for serious and creative study or research are invited to do an honors project during their senior year.

General Education Program - One of the perks of a liberal arts education is the expansive knowledge you will gain. Find out about how you will be immersed in a diverse areas of knowledge through our General Education Program.

First Year Experience - Making the jump from high school to college is a big leap. At PLNU, you can make the most of the transition by taking advantage of programs that are there to make the transition smoother.

Learning Experience for Academic Progress (LEAP) - Freshmen have a lot to get used to. If you would like assistance creating a more fruitful and diligent academic life, LEAP may be just what you need.