Chapter 4: Academics

Chapter 4

Course Approval

It is important that you speak with your PLNU faculty advisor to assure that any major courses you plan to take abroad will substitute for PLNU requirements.  Advisors in the SAO can approve all other courses, including those to substitute for PLNU general education requirements.  All courses you will be taking must be listed on the PLNU Request for Study Abroad Credit form as a part of your study abroad process.


Registration for the Term You are Abroad

The SAO will register you as a full-time student during the semester you are on your study abroad program.


Registration for the Semester You Return to PLNU

While overseas you will remain eligible for WebReg as if you were still on the PLNU campus.  You must contact your advisor (usually via e-mail) for clearance and then may register after your appointed time.  If web access is not available at your international site your PLNU academic advisor will register you for the appropriate courses.  Remember, pre-registration is your responsibility and failure to register for classes at PLNU for the semester you return could result in your having to re-apply for admission.