Chapter 5

Financial Aid

Make an appointment to meet a financial aid counselor to determine how any financial aid will apply to your study abroad expenses.  State and federal financial aid will apply to all study abroad programs.  PLNU financial aid does not apply unless an international program is required by your university major.


Be sure to plan ahead to file the FAFSA form for the next academic year.  This form MUST be signed by the student and not a power of attorney or parent.

Paying the Bill

The PLNU Business Office will contact your program and determine the cost of your program.  Once this information is obtained, a check will be sent from the University to pay this bill.  You will be billed for any balance not covered by financial aid.  In addition to the cost of the specific study abroad program you will be billed a study abroad administrative fee ($450 for semester long programs, $250 for summer programs).

Power of Attorney

You must complete a Power of Attorney form.  This allows the student to select a responsible person to deal with their school affairs while they are abroad.  This is particularly important for students receiving financial aid as it allows for the handling of any loan documents or checks.  Power of Attorney forms may be completed at no cost to the student in the OIS.

Income Tax

If you are out of the country during “Tax Time”, please make appropriate arrangements for filing your income taxes.

Student Financial Services Questions: Contact Melissa Darnell at (619) 849-2671 or