Chapter 7: Insurance

Chapter 7

When preparing to study abroad, it is important to consider what kind of insurance coverage will protect you from potential major financial consequences should you have medical problems prior to departure or while abroad.  PLNU requires that all students studying abroad be insured while participating on a study abroad program.  Consider the following:

Insurance is your responsibility

Make sure your present medical insurance covers you outside of the U.S. Also check to see if your, or your parents’ homeowners’ policy, covers your baggage while traveling abroad.  Talk with your family and insurance agent to find out exactly what your coverage includes.

How much risk are you willing to take regarding insurance?

PLNU issues an ISIC to each student participating in study abroad (with the exception of domestic programs or programs that include the ISIC as part of the program fee).  Basic health and accident insurance coverage is provided as a benefit to cardholders.  However, the ISIC covers only a small portion of expenses for major accidents or illness and should be viewed as supplemental and not primary insurance coverage.


ISIC Coverage

$300,000   Emergency evacuation
$5,000       Accidental death & dismemberment – air
$1,000       Accidental death & dismemberment – other
$25,000     Repatriation of remains
$25,000     Accident medical expense, includes $500 emergency dental coverage
$500          Lost document replacement service
$165          Per day sickness/hospital benefit (up to 61 days)
$100          Baggage delay
$100          Travel delay
Free           Travel guard assistance


For more information, please visit the ISIC Travel Insurance website  and be sure to activate your card here.