PLNU Programs

study abroad

In addition to the wide variety of approved programs offered by our PLNU partner institutions and affiliates around the world, we are proud to offer programs during the fall semester and summer session that are organized, taught, and led by members of our very own faculty. These programs offer students the opportunity to study in new and exciting areas of the globe with the benefit of our on-site faculty with years of international experience. Because these academic programs typically consist of 8-20 Point Loma students, these programs also provide for their participants an environment of Christian community while abroad.

Fall 2017                                        

PLNU London Semester     

PLNU South Africa: Reconciling All Things                   

Summer 2017 

PLNU Art Euro Summer                           

 PLNU Ghana - Nursing

 PLNU Ghana - Education                                                

 PLNU Ghana -Business                                                             

PLNU International Business in Asia

PLNU Literature in Greece

PLNU Power, Bodies, and Western Imagination