PLNU in South Africa

PLNU South Africa

This program consists of once-a-week class throughout the spring semester where readings, videos, discussions, travel prep will be covered. The classes will travel immediately after PLNU graduation and spend almost 4 weeks traveling throughout South Africa. Students in both classes will travel together to South Africa and spend the first week in the central part of the country. Then, the classes will visit various theological/sociological places in central South Africa and then take a train trip to Cape Town. 

South Africa - Sponsored by the CJR

Travel to South Africa after studying the country’s cultures, history, politics, economics and Christianity for months before you even step foot on a plane.

You will spend four weeks in South Africa living in peoples’ homes and experiencing contemporary life in South Africa. This trip is the incredible opportunity to visit many of the historic sites you read about in class such as Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.  Other important sites include an AIDS clinic, rural and urban schools, and a soccer stadium.

Courses meet SP13

This program is hosted by the Center for Justice and Reconciliation and the Center for International Development


  • Class: Spring Semester 2013 (meets weekly)
  • Trip: May 8- June 5, 2013


  • Airfare: Prices fluctuate.SA Soweto Memorial
  • Transportation fee: $1,800 (includes in-country lodging, transportation, access to parks, museums, food for hosts).
  • Food: $6-$8/day ($180-$240)
  • Airfare: Prices fluctuate.
  • Course Fee: TBD (includes in-country lodging, transportation and most meals)

Credits: 6 units

  • SOC360 Race and ethnicity: South Africa and the United States in Comparative Perspective (3 units)
  • THE490 Special Topics in Religion:  Theology from African Perspectives (3 units)

Application Deadline:

October 15, 2012

Questions? Contact Dr. Jamie Gates or Dr. Lindsey Lupo  

Stripe 560 Gray