Nicholson Commons

This is your house, and it will become like a home to you. From cleanliness to protection, the Commons strives to be an "Environment of Excellence." We want this environment to be a place of joy, peace and safety blessed by the grace of God. Welcome to the Nicholson Commons!

Milton Karahadian, Director of the Nicholson Commons

Let the Nicholson Commons fill your needs!

»Need some recreational fun?  Head to the ARC
»Need an outdoor adventure? Check out Outdoor Leadership 
»Need a coffee break?  Head to Bobby B's Coffee Shop
»Need some food? Point Break Cafe is the place
»Need a snack? Try  Breakers Market for some options
»Need a textbook? Stop by the Bookstore today!
»Need medical assistance? Try the Wellness Center 
»Need Commuter student support? Ask Commuter Services
»Need  Transfer student support? Talk to Transfer Services
»Need to use a room? Check out our Conference Rooms
»Need a place to study? Bring your books to the Mosaic Lounge
»Need some sustenance? The Dining Room has options 
»Need something catered? Try Catering Services 
»Need spiritual guidance? Stop by Spiritual Development
»Need  info on student life? Head to Student Development
»Need to be heard? Talk to the Associated Student Body
»Need help with living arrangements? Try Residential Life

Relax in the ARC!

The ARC houses a multitude of opportunities for fun and exploration, just come and see! We're located on the bottom floor of the Commons next to the Bookstore!

What's at the Caf Today?

At PLNU, your dining experience is more than great food.  It's a community experience.  Come and grab some grub! We're on the 2nd Floor of the Nicholson Commons!

Need some coffee or tea?

If you're looking for bold coffee, some tea, or just a study break, Bobby B's Coffee Co. is the place to be. We're located on the bottom Floor of the Nicholson Commons, so come on by!